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Green Tea Truly Rocks!

Once again ladies, I have received valuable advise from this site.

I had posted last week that I have quit smoking and was very upset about gaining 4 lbs, which put me 3 lbs over goal.

After reading all the posts about green tea, I decided to give it a try. I am very pleased to say after drinking it for 5 days, I have lost those 4 lbs!

I bought the new "Enviga" its a sparkling green tea the regular flavor is a little citrusy, and they also have a berry flavor - both very good. It's made by Nestea and they call it the calorie burner. It comes in 12 oz. cans - only 5 calories - 0 fat - 0 Points!

Re: Green Tea Truly Rocks!

That's great Kim! I have to agree, green tea really does rock! I weighed myself this morning, and I'm down 4 pounds since Wednesday. I'm hoping come Wednesday when I go for my official weigh in that I'm still down that much or more. Have you noticed not being as hungry with the green tea? I'm not hungry very often since I've been drinking it. I haven't seen the Enviga, but I'll look for it. Thanks!

Re: Green Tea Truly Rocks!

You go Aimee...that's great!

No, I'm not as hungry, and it gives me more energy too!

Rock On Green Tea!!!!

Re: Green Tea Truly Rocks!

I saw a 2.2 loss last week from drinking the green tea, and yes it is energy and also i find it curbs my appetite.
I try to get at least 32 oz in a day...

I think i lost maybe .2 this week I'llknow tomorrow morning at WI., but thats ok, because of the chinese food I had Sat nite...

I'm working on the next 4lbs for my own personal goal, not WW'ers... THey're going to probably tell me tomorrow to stop losing and get myself onto maintenance, I'll yes them to death, but still do my own thing, and this time around as I've mentioned before just because I'm under goal, I have no intentions of stopping going to my weekly meetings, I just might question them about working as a receptionist that for sure will keep me accountable, a friend of mine did that when she hit goal...

THey're always under staffed in the new center here.

hmmmmmm maybe i have to put that on hold until the beach season is over. anyhow something to think about.

Re: Green Tea Truly Rocks!

Well, I thought I'd share my little snaffu with green tea. Yesterday I was at SWM and was thirsty. I had forgotten my bottle of water at home. So they have these vending machines as you walk in the door of the store and I decided I would get some diet green tea from Lipton. So I get my bottle and drink almost all of it, mind you it had 2.5 servings in that bottle, before I realized that it was NOT DIET!! I was so irritated by this! I am going to double check that button that I pushed the next time I am at the store 'cause I thought for sure it was diet and I didn't pay attention to it when it came out. I just opened and guzzled! LOL So, let my mistake be a lesson, ALWAYS check your drinks before you down them. I normally don't even like regular drinks and can tell the difference right away but this green tea had a citrus flavor to it so it didn't taste strange to me at all!
Then to top it off, I didn't even get a box of green tea while I was at the store because I thought that I had some at home and so far I haven't found it. I think my FIL drank it all! He loves tea and is always drinking it when he visits us. Oh well, another thing to add to my list for the store.
Hope you're all having a wonderfully blessed day!

Re: Green Tea Truly Rocks!

How much do you need to drink for it to do anything? Do you drink green tea and 8 glasses of water a day too? I don't think I could drink so much.