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Western Bagel

Has anyone tried Western Bagel "Alternative Bagel". I had read about it, can't get it here in WV would have to order it. I think you can mostly find it in CA and was wondering if anyone had tried them. Min. order is like $18, soooo worth it if they are good. Bagels are one of the foods that I really miss and will not give up the avg 5 points for them. I believe they are only one point ea. and about the size of a regular bagel (from what I have read and been told) Please let me know your opinions! OR

Re: Western Bagel

Hi Jen,
Well, I bought a case of them when I first heard about them like 4 years ago. I haven't ordered any since then because bagels are something I can't stay out of, but my opinion of them is good. I think they were a bit more "airy" than a regular bagel and if I remember correctly, they were smaller. But for 1 point, I thought they were worth it. Maybe someone else who has tried them more recently than me can shed some more light on them. :)

Re: Western Bagel

Coming from the NY area I truly miss bagels, but can do without ones from the grocery store for 6 pts. Probably best that I cannot get the real thing-too much of a red light food.

That being said, I ordered the alternative bagels about 6 weeks ago. They were just okay as far as bagels go, not chewy like a real bagel, more roll like but were great considering they are only one pt. They are about the size of an english muffin - not true NY bagel size - I probably won't order again online, because to me they werent really worth the money - if they were sold in the grocery here I would by them. I found the onion ones to be the best.

Re: Western Bagel

I've had both the onion and the cinnamon spice. I thought they were very good, especially for 1 point! (Of course, I'm originally from Tennessee, so bagels weren't part of my upbringing, so maybe I'm not the best judge of bagels. Luckily they do have them in the grocery store here, so this week I bought the country white (I think). Anxious to try them out. Not sure I'd order them online, but for a grocery store run, I'd definitely say they're worth it.


Re: Western Bagel

I also grew up on New York Bagels Brooklyn to be exact...
Then off to Ct for the rest of my upbringing, when I got married I met a New YOrk guy, and we lived in the Bronx, I was back in heaven with all the carbs, bagels real italian bread, and when we moved to NJ after the 1st baby, we still did our shopping in NY, as we weren't that far, and my husband worked all over the 5 boroughs of the City...

His stop on the way home daily was a loaf of bread ha, sometimes a half loaf as you can't help nibbling.
oh well back to WW...

I've used the WW and also the Thomas' lite bagels, not bad but not great its just not the real thing...

Sometimes we just have to make good what we can use, and get used to it.
Once in a while the real thing is ok. i did mention once in a while.

Re: Western Bagel

I love them! Especially the Roasted Onion, add a little Philly Light Veggie Cream Chesse for a 2pt breakfast. I am able to find them in my grocery store, but they are always limited...I hate to admit it, but I hoard them...if they have four packages, I buy all four, even if I still have two or three packages in my freezer!

Re: Western Bagel

They carry them in our grocery store here in Florida. They are usually never on display and you have to ask for them in the bakery dept. I usually get the onion flavor and then use a cube of the laughing cow cheese spread on them. They are OK, but I still prefer a regular bagel--- but for only a point-- they are worth it to me.