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Call me obsessed over TJ's

Hello all,

You will all probably think I am crazy but I want more info on Trader Jo's products.

Anything you've tried and liked and if you have the point values that would be greatly appreciated. I am only in that area once a week, which is Weds when I go to my WW meeting. So I am trying to put a list together of what I want to get.

I have decided that I do like the blueberry bran muffins as long as I warm them in the microwave and spray them with ff butter spray. I just can't bring myself to even try that with the cranberry apple ones. I am wondering if maybe I got a bad batch because they are a lot flatter than the blueberry variety and they taste a lot more dense and grainy. I'll look when I go back to see if what they have looks the same as what I got last week.

Anyway hope you're all having a great night!

Re: Call me obsessed over TJ's

Hi Tammy
I have to drive 45 miles to a TJ's, and I go there specifficatly for their Green Iced Tea.

the first time I tried it I bought 2 gallons, and I went thru it quickly, the last trip there a week ago I landed up with 6 gallons, almost 2 are gone already.

I bought their Soy chicken Nuggets, their Chili Lime Chicken burgers,and a 3 lb bag of brown rice, I haven't tried any of these yet..

The nuggets are 4 per serving for 2 pts
THe chili lime Chicken are 1 pt
I also bought veggie burgers 2 pt

I haven't used any of it yet, but when you do go make sure you have your point finder with you..

Their pkg frozen fried rice is also very good, that I've had many times before...

I also pick up a bag or two of
Kettle Baked Lightly salted potato chips, which I keep on hand just in case I want a chip or two.
I think a serving is 3 points, but sometimes I've finished the whole bag (small) and still lost weight at WI... I counted the whole bag at 6 pts.

Have fun shopping, I wish I had a TJ closer, but this is the beach area, and everything in the winter just about shuts down...

Re: Call me obsessed over TJ's

I just had a TJ's chili Lime chicken burger 2 pts

it was excellent I had it on a lite eng muffin 1pt with a slice of 2% pepperjack cheese 1 pt,

total was 4 pts

Anyone heading to TJ's pick them up they're worth it for a change of pace for lunch...

Re: Call me obsessed over TJ's

Ok,Tammy (OH)

Attention everyone!!
Call Tammy(OH) obsessed over TJ's (winks)

I never even heard of Trader Joe's, is it a store or a brand name of products? or a store that has its own brand of products called Trader Joe's?

Re: Call me obsessed over TJ's

I have a TJ right next door to my work! I'm definitely going to have to explore those possibilities. Tobe, where would I find the green iced tea? I went yesterday and bought green tea bags, but I'd sure rather have it already made and not have to go through the hot stage! (Patience is not necessarily my virtue! LOL.) Can you tell me what the packaging looks like? I get a little overwhelmed in TJs. Too much to look at! LOL.



Re: Call me obsessed over TJ's

Its a gallon jug you can't miss it. Its either in the front of the store or ove on the shelf with all the other teas and juices, if you don't see it ask the counter people they're more than willing to help you.

I buy the unsweetened with a hint of mint, it has nothing in it but green and white tea, no carbs, no sodium no sugar.. A lot of the prepared green teas have sodium and carbs in it even the diet ones, so read all ingredients. its about 3.49 a gal, and I swear it really boosted my weight loss, and gives me alot of energy besides.

Trader Joes is a unique store, all the things in there is made just for TJ...

I wish I had one closer to me, I have to travel 45 miles one way to get there, so when I go I stock up..

Sue bring your point finder with you and every thing that attracts you look at the points per serving and if the product suits you try it, Trader Joes will take anything back and give your money back if you don't like it....