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On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

Well today is my day to get on in to WW for my weekly Weigh in.
I think I took off .2 but thats ok, I'm under goal and now working on 4 more lbs to get off, my own personal goal. then I'll get myself onto maintenance and hold at that number..

The last 6 mo was totally brutal with the slow loss weekly, but I never gave up even when I had a slight gain, which was only twice in 6 mo..

Hindsight is great, looking back and reflecting as to where I was my first meeting, to where I am today..

However, my suggestion as I had to use myself, when the rough got going, don't quit. no matter what.

I'm OP again today 100%..

Re: On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

Morning All!

OP 100%

Have to run (okay maybe walk) to physical therapy this morning and then I will plan my food for the day. Thinking of making some sort of chicken/tomato/mushroom/green pepper thingy - like a caccitore(sp.) for dinner just have to figure out the points - kinda cloudy rainy here today -

Having my usual vitatop/yogurt smoothie for breakfast 2pt.
Dont know yet whats for lunch.

GOOD LUCK to all that have WI today!

I'll be back later - have a great start to your day everyone

Re: On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

Checkin in`
OP/exercise/weigh-in day!

I 'feel' bloated.......i felt that way last week also. But it was from using stevia-plus with Fiber. I since stopped using that and gassy feeling has gone away.

Good luck, everyone.

Re: On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

Good morning all... Just to let everyone know I too am on program.It's been a whole whooping .........35 hours now!! LOL But seriously I attended an extra WW meeting last night. Where I had joined and quit about a year and a half ago.I was just amazed at some of the women there.They look so good!! I don't personally know them since about 100 or so attend.But some faces I recalled. Some were now down 135 pounds,one was down 80 pounds.There were at least 8 at lifetime or having made their goal.They had to stand up.I was really inspired by how well they have done.Yet frustrated with myself. If only I would have stayed and done the program I wonder where I would be today.Most of the lifetimers and the high loosers made it sound like it is still REALLY IMPORTANT to journal,weigh,and count points!!All plan on attending their now free meetings.Sounds like friends were giving them some flack on why they need to continue going to the meetings now that they were thin.But all agreed if they did not committ to attending at least a weekly meeting it would be sabatoged.And once they begin to loose control it's all up hill from there.Don't we know it!!Others felt their family or friends were in a way trying to sabatoge them.They were constantly telling them they were looking sickly,too thin,wondering when is enough weigh taken off.But all said each person will know by the way they feel in addition to the way they look.They also really stressed the importance of having at least someone to be their inspiration and support team.Well have a good day .....

Re: On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

Today is my first weigh in (about 7pm pacific time). Hoping I did a good job this week. I've been on Nutrisystem for the past month, so I'm not expecting the big first week water weight loss. But I'd like to have lost at least 1 pound.

I've been 100% OP since I started last Wednesday. I've only used 3 of my weekly points allowance. Not sure if that's good or bad.

I'll come back after the weigh-in to let you guys know how I did.

Re: On Program Today Tues 4/24 check in!!!!

I am 100% OP with you all today too! I weigh in tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that because I think I will show a gain. Maybe I'll take a no weigh pass and just enjoy the meeting. We'll see what my scale says in the AM and then go from there.
I am glad that Aimee thought of the idea of reporting in and keeping a chart on all of us. That gives me the added motivation that I need to get the last 6 1/2 pounds off to get to goal. My personal goal will be a few pounds under that of course. Anyway, it will be good for me to have the added motivation to get to where I need to be.
I hope everyone is having a great day!