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Post your daily menu here or read for new meal ideas

Good morning!

I had a good day yesterday. Followed my meal plan and walked for 45 minutes. I had planned to ride my bike outside also, but it was rainy and really windy (25 to 35 mph gusts) and I didn't really want to brave the weather so I rode inside on the trainer for another 40 minutes.

So here's the plan for today. Actually it isn't much different than yesterday. Oh well. LOL

B: instant grits (2)
FF milk (2)

L: LC panini (6)
salad with vinegar (0)

D: Crockpot rotisserie chicken (3)
Oven roasted taters (3)
carrots (0)

S: WW ice cream cup (2)

That uses all 18 points. I will earn AP's so if I am still hungry, I will use an extra 2 points for another snack - fruit most likely.

Have a great day!

Re: Post your daily menu here or read for new meal ideas

I know planning helps alot. So does cooking ahead of time, i work different hours, so making sure something is there for me to eat when i come home from working an evening shift is nice. If i work in the morning, i will cook the night before, so all i have to do is re-heat it or if its something simple i get my DD's to make it when they get home from school.

Enough about that:

1 light English muffin w/1 T Bummel & Brown Spread
1 light Yogurt (store brand)
total 4 points

Fruit- 1 point

Leftover taco skillet from last night--4 pts

Penne /w Spinach
combo of whole wheat penne pasta,with tomatoes,fresh spinach and feta cheese
1 1/2 cups- 5pts
Cherries in the Snow 1 cup-5pts.

1 cup- 5 pts
Cherries in the snow 1 cup 5 pts

Thats a round about menu for today,give or take a point or two.

The Cherries in the Snow is a new recipe from my WW cookbook, will let ya know how it turns out

Re: Post your daily menu here or read for new meal ideas

here we go...

Breakfast banana
6 slices turkey
1 slice cheese
lettuce (i had WW so that was handy to eat in the mtg)

Lunch TJ's chili lime chicken patty 2 pt
lite eng muffin 1 pt
1 slice 2% cheese 1 pt

Snack WW soothie with WW yogart 2 pts
1 pt choc raspberry bar WW 1 pt

Dinner Large Salad dressing 2 pts
4oz pork loin 4 pts
1/2 cup br fried rice 2 pts

no pudge brownie with WW choc sundae & lite cool whip

I'll have 1 pt left over, may have a mini bag of popcorn...

Re: Post your daily menu here or read for new meal ideas

Here is mine:

3 french toast sticks and a drop of lowfat syrup 4pts

Chicken Sandwich 7 points
salad with vinegar 0

Pork cutlet 4
mashed potatoes 2
corn 2

ff sugar free pudding 1