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Hi. My name is Ben and I have been friends w/ Aimee for since 9th grade, which was back in 1989 I believe. I'm on the WW flex plan and currently have lost 12.7 pounds since 2/07, but that will change by tomorrow, which is my official weigh day. I look forward to talkin w/ anyone and everyone about droppin some weight and getting healthy, as I love the support and, in turn, love giving the support. I'm currently working w/ WW, as I said, to get myself physically healthy, doing a 12 step program, using a book my fried gave me for my mental health w/ my addiction disease, and just started meditating to get rid of the stress baggage and get fit spiritually and emotionally. I am a single dad of 2 kids who are 6 and 7, so this last excercise is actually in some ways harder than the actual weight loss, LOL. Well, that's me. Hope to hear from anyone interested in talking soon. Ben

Re: Hi

Hi Ben, I'm new, too. It's so cool that you actually know Aimee! Just wanted to say hi and welcome. Feels kinda funny for me to be saying welcome, since I'm new, too, but why not? :)

See you around the Board.


Re: Hi

Hi Ben

It's nice to meet you! Heck, it's nice to meet ANY man who is able to offer support, and who actually understands the emotions that go along with eating disorders and other similar problems.

It sure sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and are working your kiester off to get the upper hand on the devils that plague you. I commend you for recognizing that THE best way to find help for yourself when YOU need it most, is by first being willing to offer YOUR hand to help others like you. That's a lesson many just don't ever seen to understand.

I worked a 12 step program, OA, a number of years ago. I found much there that was, and is, useful to me as I go along MY road. My 'substance' was food, heavily sugared, refined food. I could have easily added more burdens to that load, but, by some miracle, I stopped at food.

You said you are a single dad of two very young kids. That's a powerful motivation, Ben, to see your way through this with success under your belt. We always want to know that our kids can look at mom and dad and be PROUD of what they see. Heck, they love us anyway ... kids just DO. But if you keep their faces clear in your mind as you work this thing out for yourself, you WILL get to where you want to go.

Again, Ben, I'm so happy you're here with us!



Re: Hi

Hi Ben!

I'm glad you decided to join our fun little group, which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds these days! Yay, Aimee!!
Anyway, I also want to commend you for taking the necessary steps to get help for yourself. It isn't an easy thing to do I am sure.
Anyway, welcome! I am glad to see a man join our group!

Re: Hi

Welcome Ben
I read your blog as per Aimee's request, so I knew you before I knew you Haha...

I already have you down on the progress chart, I saw Aimee took care of that...

Again welcome, I'm also in a 12 step program for the past 18 yrs and still going, but not for food addictions, WW takes care of that.

Good to see you posting, and welcome again.....

Welcome Ben!

Hi Ben,

Nice to see a man in the group! I bet there are more lurkers and your membership should help bring them out of the wood work :)
We can always use a man's opinion and input!

I too am an OLD 12 stepper from years ago with OA. I too found much that I use in my life from it. Some things just 'stay' with you! :) All that I got from OA was great!

But WW helps me with the food plan a bit better, and a 12 step helps with the spiritual side of things.

Thanks for you presence as a present!

Look forward to your posting!
PS what blog? do you have a site too?

Re: Hi

Here's the link to Ben's blog...

Want to see what we both looked like when we were 15 years old? LOL! Check this link at my blog...

Re: Hi

Hi again, Ben! Just wanted to say that I snuck over and read some of your blog. I love your writings! I'm a legal assistant, too. But in the lovely arena of family law.

Just wanted to thank you for putting your thoughts out there for others to read. Very insightful stuff.


Re: Hi

Wow, from what I read this blog needs men. Well, I'm glad I can fill the void and I hope others join as well. I am a member of the WW online nation, and I was happy to see that WW now has a men's section. I know, I know, it's all about us right? I think it's wonderful since men and women's bodies are so different and affected differet ways by not only food but in the way WW changes our bodies.

Thanks to everyone for commenting and the compliments. I already am feelin the love and I'll just say I'm rubber and your glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you [Smile). Or in other words, I am happy to be here as you are to have me and wish you all the same sucess in your journey to a healthier you.

Re: Hi

Hi Ben nice to meet ya!!!!

Re: Hi

Hi Ben, nice to have you among us...I've also been readying your blog..You are doing great on your weight loss journey..Hope your dad is doing better..Keep up the good work...

Patty (mom to aimee)

Re: Hi

A BIG welcome to you Ben!!!!!