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Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Linda and I live in Kittanning, PA. I'm currently doing WW..and this is my 2nd time around. First time I did WW was from March '04 - March '05...yep a whole yr! Lost 55 lbs and then got preg. w/my daughter. In 2006 I struggled and tried to do it on my own..but didn't work. So on March 28,2007 I decided to rejoin WW meetings..and I've lost 6.4 lbs so far. I have my 4th weigh in tomorrow night.

I hope to get to know alot of new people on here..extra support always makes this journey alot easier

Re: Hi

Welcome Linda

Isn't it great when we can finally admit, we can't do this alone, thats half the battle I believe..

Here your going to get to know everyone and feel the kind caring and mostly the motivation to get the lbs off, at least it makes us all accountable daily.

WW is going to go bonkers all over the US wondering what we're all doing LOL....
THanks to dear Aimeee for stating this site, and isn't she so lucky she got us!!!!! ?????

and shes stuck with each and every one of us....

YOO HOOO Aimee hear what I'm saying .. LOL...

Re: Hi

Hi Linda S from Pa!
Welcome to the site!
Nice to see the site really growing with newcomers. I think
April must be a record month. I 'll get totals later.

You will get much support, encouragement and tips from this site. But most of all friendship.


Re: Hi

Welcome Linda! I'm actually adding you to the progress charts right now, I just came over here to look at a weight number. :)

I hear ya! Loud and clear! LOL!