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planning a trip plz help...

hey all....me hubby and 7 kids are planing a trip to the smoky mountains in june...my kids have never been...so plz if you all know of any place thats affordable pass it along..i have looked and looked..and everything is so high....im at my whitz end on looking..everyone is wanting 6 to 8 hundred dollars for the week...and believe me i aint rich so i cant afford that..i dont want nothin fancy..just somethin with the comfort of home...so any help would be greatly appreciated...thxs

Re: planning a trip plz help...

Sorry Nae, I'd help you out, but I've only been there once. We stayed at a motel called "The Maples" which was pretty cheap, but I don't think it's really a place that can accommodate 9 people. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you out. I do hope you have a good trip though. :)

Re: planning a trip plz help...

Hi Nae,

I have never been there but did a google and found some sites, one especially


Some of the prices I saw were still at the higher prices you described $600 and above. I don't know if you are a camper but also saw prices $20.00 and under per night for that. Hope you find something and have a great time vacationing with your family.