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Fruits and Veggies

I am having a hard time getting all these in daily. I went out today and bought some watermelon, strawberries and grapes and make 6 bowls with 1 1/2 cup of the mixture in each. I am guessing around 2 points for this, what would you say?

Also, what are some suggestions to getting these all in?

<3 Brandie

...Great job everyone! Keep up the great job!....

Re: Fruits and Veggies

My suggestion, to play it safe look in your 1st week starter book it lists all the foods for flex and core.

All fruits 1 cup 1 pt....

I get my veggies in using alot of lettuce for lunch and a big salad at nite before dinner. I used the Veggie Lovers Bagged Salad that you find in the supermarkets, it a big mixture of alot of stuff, including snow peas...

I might have some fruit in the afternoon, orange, apple cantelope in the morning I have a banana daily for the potassium...

Somedays I don't get them all in but thats ok....

Re: Fruits and Veggies

Brandie, Hi!

Although I love fruits, I found I was having a hard time getting them into my day. When I have my breakfast oatmeal, it's easy to get ONE in, as I take whatever fruit sounds good,(usually a banana) and nuke it WITH the oatmeal, (Quaker Weight Control OR Kashi's cooked breakfast cereal, truly vanilla). Nuking them TOGETHER takes the hot cereal into a another wonderful realm of DELISH!!

My most effective recent method of getting a second fruit in is with my yogurt. I know everyone says this, but I hadn't tried it before. In the past few months since starting on MY weight loss road, I have discovered the absolute wonderfulness, , of frozen raspberries and blackberries, heck ANY frozen berry. I take a serving of any of these and mix them, whatever fat free yogurt I have, usually Dannon Lite and Fit.... I put the yogurt, the FROZEN berries and a packet of splenda together into a bowl. Brandie, it is like eating ICE CREAM, it is so gosh darned delicious this way. Yet, you are getting a healthy, nutritious dairy plus fruit in. Really good, and you can check THAT fruit off for the day!



Re: Fruits and Veggies

I recently have been getting my fruit by buying the Kroger fruit in a jar that sweetened w/ splenda. It's in the canned fruit aisle. They have peaches, mixed fruit, and appricots from what I've seen at my Krogers. It serves 2 1/2 cups for 3 points. I also get some fruits through Smart Ones or Healthy Choice meals, and have found many Campbells Chunky Soups that are loaded w/ veggies for only 4 points for the whole can. I also have recently been sauteing frozen vegetables in the a Tbs of olive oil w/ seasonings. This gives them a good taste and gets my oil in for the day that I need.

Re: Fruits and Veggies

Dear Brandy,

I used to think it was 5 fruits PLUS 5 veggies!!!

But various leaders I asked have said NO it is 5 fruits and veggies for a total of 5!!!!

That made a big difference!!!


Re: Fruits and Veggies

well I always have some sort of fruit w/breakfast..usually a banana ...and veggies is my hard part. I only like green beans, mixed veggies, or cooked carrots..so sometimes I add that to my dinner.
To me, fruits are easier. I also LOVE the dole mixed fruit cups..they're 1pt. I almost always have one for lunch along w/my meal.

Hope that helps

Re: Fruits and Veggies

I go in spurts, i always have bananas on hand, and apples and oranges, but when i go and get one usually all i find is an empty bag :(..
I did buy some strawberries and i think i ate one or two.
Truthfully i would love to have fresh watermelon,grapes,honeydews,cantalopes, etc, every day,but the price of them is outrageous and half the time they don't even look ripe.

I have no problem getting in my veggies.