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On Program today wed 4/25

I plan on having another perfect on program day.

I also plan on going to workout this morning, which I've been lax in doing the past week, I'm letting the beach take its priority over the exercise, but, I do my best to do a bit of walking in the sand, its a slep, its easier to walk along the water, the sand is harder, but walking in the sand does burn off the calories....

Looks like Rain here in New Jersey today, so I guess I have to get to the Tanning Salon,
They say tan makes you look thinner LOL

Re: On Program today wed 4/25

I'm OP with you today. :) It's raining here in OH too. :( I have weigh in this morning. According to my scale I'm not down as much as I was yesterday, but I should still be able to get my 10 pound ribbon (fingers crossed). I didn't sleep very well at all last night. I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. I even went to bed early. Well I've got to go get ready. I'll let you know how hit went when I get back. Hope everyone has a good day. :)

Re: On Program today wed 4/25

You'll do fine Aimee

I just got on the scale and I'm up a pound this morning, thats how our bodies react sometimes..

go figure!!!!

Re: On Program today wed 4/25

It's a very rainy day in NW Indiana as well. But, the sun is shining inside, so, to heck with the gloominess of the weather!

Tobe, like you, I wake up each day KNOWING that this is MY day, and it's going to be as perfect as I can make it. Heck, I'm losing the weight, finally, and though it's work and takes focus, I'm doing it. That's the biggest part of the battle, really. Developing the assurance inside that ya CAN do it. Besides, I'm eating tasty food, and each day feel my old, annoyingly sunny disposition, getting stronger. Life can be so good, no matter what that mechanical monster (the stinking scale) says. For years, I didn't believe that. Now I do. Makes a lot of difference.

Aimee, you'll do fine. I know that YOU know all about the lovely little tricks our bodies pull on us with the weight loss thing, AND that scales are notorious LIARS!! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you'll get all your success back before you know it!

cheers all


Re: On Program today wed 4/25

Thanks! :) I'm pretty sure I know why I was up a little bit this morning (I had a snack around 11:30, I had too much sodium yesterday, I only had 2 hours of sleep) and I'm sure I could probably find another thing or two to add to the list. I'm not going to sweat it, I know this is one of the best weeks I've had since starting back. I didn't use all of my flex points like I had been (I think I maybe used 6 or 7 this week). Normally my flex points are gone by Thursday night. I got more water in than usual, drank more green tea, and I stopped eating by 9 PM on at least 5 nights this week (very big thing for me since I tend to stay up until 4-5 AM most nights). I just feel really good about myself this week. The better I feel, the better I do, and the better I do, the better I feel. It's a win/win situation. LOL!