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on the day of wi..

I normally eat "lighter" on my wi day. I wanted to know if there are others that do the same thing. I wi at 5:30pm (i go to my meeting after work)..I take something to drink & a fiber one bar w/me to my meeting..b/c I'm really hungry by the time I get there.

I also stop drinking fluids by 2pm....

However, this is my 4th wi..(1st wi= -5.8, 2nd wi= -1, 3rd wi= +.4) and I don't feel any lighter !

So we'll see what the scale shows tonight...

thanks for listening

Re: on the day of wi..

I'm one of the lucky ones I don't have to work, so therefore I do my WI first thing in the morning at 9am and I go on an empty stomache.
Years ago when I dragged my young kids with me, I also went in the morning, but then sometimes at night, and yes at 2PM i stopped all fluids...

We can have a perfect week, and maybe not lose, its the body, but it does catch up the following week.

We also can have a bad week and lose, but that also will play catch up the following week...

I've learned this time around just don't play with it, stay on program for 7 days..... I'm only cheating myself when I cheat, and its just not worth it...

Duh just took 30 yrs in WW to finally realize what I have to really do....


Re: on the day of wi..

My biggest thing on the day before weigh in is to get my water to flush my system and watch my sodium so I don't hold it all in. That seems to work best for me. As far as points go, I try to stay a little under my points. I get 44, so I'll stay in the 38-40 range the night before, although last night I ended up w/ 33 for the day.

Re: on the day of wi..

I am leaving for my WI in about 30 minutes - and I am online now to catch up with y'all and to keep busy because I AM STARVING. I do not eat or drink anything before my WI at 9:45 not even my morning coffee I do take my coffee/water/and this morning a vitamuffin to my meeting and as soon as I am off the scale I can eat.
Oh the games I play...dont know if it makes any difference on the scale but I'm not taking any chances LOL!

Re: on the day of wi..

thanks for the input!!
I hear ya about being OP 7 days. I know WW is not about depriving ourselves..so if I want something really bad, I eat it and count it. I stay away from the fast foods, etc.
I'm trying to get more into the exercise...I'm starting slowly..30 minutes at the gym 3-4 days at the gym..and if its nice out, I take my daughter for a walk in the stroller.

Do you guys eat your flex pts????

I tried NOT eating them for this week..and over the weekend, I need to dip into them! Some days my target pts (27) are too much, others its not enough.

Re: on the day of wi..

If your exercising and earning Activity points use them... you need more fuel, to use to keep the metabolism going..

The other 35 points called Weekly flex points, only my own experience I have a better loss, when I use some of them..
THere are weeks when I use all 35 and weeks that I don't use any, but as I said when I don't use them my loss is like .2 or .4 when I use them I can get a good boost of a 2 lb loss....

Every body is so different.
If your hungry eat, but choose wisely don't use empty calories... use your calories with good food choices.

We just talked about that yesterday in my own meeting.

Re: on the day of wi..

thanks Tobe!!

I hear ya..I've noticed recently that I need to keep those 100 cal packs to a limit at home & work!! They're great for portion control..but I hate to waste too many pts on that! I need to use my pts on healthier foods.
I do eat my fruits/veggies/dairy...and my water intake could be alot better. I REALLY need to cut back on my diet caff. free pepsi

Re: on the day of wi..

I try not to eat anything salty the day before my weigh in (didn't do so well on that yesterday). I also stop eating earlier in the evening (didn't do well on that last night either, had a 3 point sundae because I was just dying for something sweet and thought I might grab a snickers or something if I didn't have anything). LOL! I try to get more sleep the night before weigh in too (again, didn't do well on that last night either even though I did go to bed early, just couldn't sleep). I guess it's no surprise that I weighed more this morning than I did yesterday morning (though I did still manage to lose 2.8 at my weigh in this morning). :)
I never eat or drink anything before I go (my weigh in is around 9:45. I usually take some kind of bar with me (this morning was a berry nutrigrain bar) and a bottle of water. I eat it after I get weighed.
The last time I went to Weight Watchers, I got into a really bad habit and routine the night before weigh in. I'm not going to share that habit at this point, but I've vowed that no matter what, I'm not going to fall back into that habit again. It got to a point last time where I wanted to stop, but couldn't because I didn't want to see a gain on the scale from not going through with my usual habit. That probably makes no sense to you, but like I said, I'm not ready to really share just what it is I did before. I just know I'm not going to do it again. :)

Re: on the day of wi..

thanks for your input Aimee!
I do try to eat "lighter" the night before my wi. But as crazy as it seems, I seem to get even hungrier!! LOL.. what gives?
Maybe its all mental for me!!
As for day of wi..I eat a normal breakfast, drink my fluids, eat a light snack (i had a dole fruit cup) and then I'll eat a fiber one bar at 1pm..and thats it!!
So yep, by the time wi comes (5:30pm) , I'm hungry. I take something to drink w/me, and a bar or a 100 cal pack w/me to my meeting.

Its ok about not sharing the bad habit you had before. Whats important is that we realize that now, and we make changes

I tried going back to meetings last yr...and I wanted a morning weigh in..so they had Saturday mornings available at a diff. location (1/2 hr away from me)..so I went. Well I did it for a few weeks..then gave up. I found myself just eating WHATEVER all weekend..and having a hard time getting back OP on Monday. So...now a yr later..I'm back to meetings on my original Wed. night.

Re: on the day of wi..

My WI is at 7:00 in the evening. When I firsted started WW I would eat nothing or very little all day and only drink water. I found that after my meeting in the evening.....it would be a free-for-all!! I have stopped that and now try to remember that if I weigh at the same time each week that it will be a true weight for me at that time of the day. I do try to now always eat the same thing each week on weigh day...a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch. I do try to stop all liquids by about 3 p.m.

Re: on the day of wi..

I have a wee bit of a different situation from you folks weighing in on my own and all, but I guess I'd never even thought of doing anything weird before the days I record.

While I can certainly see the reasons for folks trying all sorts of methods when you have to have it recorded by someone else (used to have weekly weigh ins with a nurse myself), I guess I feel like I would just be setting myself up for trouble. If I can't do whatever routine it is before a weigh in, it's likely that I'd either show very little loss or even a gain. Like Aimee said you can get in to some bad habits just to stop yourself from showing a gain. There's just less for me to mess up this way. LOL

Re: on the day of wi..

I weigh in at 530 in the afternoon, i eat what i always eat as if its not a weigh in day. So on my weigh-in day, i eat my breakfast,snack,lunch usually, i dont eat my dinner till after that. Only because ,at times, i dont eat my lunch till 2-3 and i am not hungry. I never heard the "no liquids" statement. I am always drinking water so, i never thought of just stopping hours before i step on the beast. I mean i dont chug a bottle while i am on the scale, but i dont cut it out hours to weigh-in.

Re: on the day of wi..

I ALWAYS have at least one cup of coffee when I get up and usually something light for breakfast like a Thomas' light eng muffin or a vitatop muffin. I have to eat something because I workout in the morning before my meeting. Once I w-i then I go down to subway and get a 6 inch turkey breast on wheat with loads of veggies and a bag of light chips.
I do sip on water, especially when I work out, but I don't do my normal chugging of it.

Re: Re: on the day of wi..

I weigh in on Sats either at 10 am or 11:30 am.

I first weigh my self after a trip to the bathroom at home. Then I weigh myself with shoes, then clothes.

I write down the wt with clothes in my 3 month log with the word 'home' next to it. I compare it to the week before. If up I will go to the meeting and get a no weigh in pass only if I have been on program. If off of program I weigh in for the gain.

I do not eat or drink and void as much as possible without purging (vomiting).

I do try to cut out salt and fluids the night before.
I wear my lightest clothes (but not the same clothes each Sat). I used to do sushi each Friday night. IT got too expensive and also the middle of the week I would show anice wt loss, but come Sat morning I would have a 2 pound overnight water wt gain! I now have fresh resturant sushi two times a month on a Sat or Sun.

I NEVER take my shoes off to weigh, for two reasons: odor for one and because shoe wt is relative. So since I am only looking or the relative wt loss each week I keep the same set of shoes for weigh in.

And you all thought you played weigh in day games!:)LOL!


Re: on the day of wi..

I hear ya loud and clear Jean.

I do it a little differently.

I'll weigh myself naked on WI day, and sometimes my scale is what i want to see, but when I get to WW its totally different and shows a loss..
I have a WW scale, and in my opinion its not worth a ****... sometimes its on and sometimes its way off.

I was told throw the **** thing out, and just weigh weekly at WW... but no, not us, we need that game to play.. lol....

I wear the same clothes weekly, clean of course, but why change something that works.. and I weigh in barefoot with socks, and when its summer and in sandles, they have paper towels to step on...

Its funny to see some women come in fully dressed the hit the ladies room and come out in shorts, and a skimpy top... they were talking about now maybe weighing in naked, that of course won't happen...

nothing like being a little extemem.

Good luck this morning at your WI....

Re: on the day of wi..


I wouldn't completely rule out the naked wi. When I first joined ww, the leader talked about the prev. location of the meetings and it had a closet. They put one of the scales in there because many of the women wanted to weigh in their bra and panties. I couldn't imagine wanting to show a loss that bad, that I would strip practically naked in front of someone, it's bad enough to get on the scale sometimes anyway.

Back on topic, I also usually eat light on wi day. I try to stop my liquids after lunch about noon. I wi at 530pm. The day before I try to avoid stuff with extra sodium or that I know I will salt a lot. Big, Big salt eater. One bad habit I haven't beat yet. So, as much as I love Aimee's Chick. Fr Rice, I will not make it on Monday's, even though I believe I could eat it seven days a WEEK! Aimee's the greatest!!!!