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how long have you been on WW???

Re: Pattyjo

Hi Linda

For real deep knowledge of the WW of TODAY, I'm afraid I wouldn't be the one to go to. The last time I did WW was during the 'winning points' days. I was very successful with the weight loss, when I was actually able to work the program. I'm afraid I had more misery in store for myself, though, and for a number of years abandoned any hope of ever conquering my weight and food issues. This was a very barren period of my life. The more depressed I became, the more I mis-used food. A vicious cycle.

A few months ago, desperate, without much real hope, I contemplated Gastric Bypass, but, THANK GOD, was not able to obtain the necessary financing for that. I knew I needed a 'strong hand', and strict rules and regs, to FORCE myself to eat right and get the quality of my food increased and the size of my portions decreased.

I joined a well know weight loss organization, pretty universally gently sneered at by many in WW circles because of the pre-packaged foods it promotes. Through sheer force of a will I thought was dead and long gone, I got myself stabilized. Once stable and in control, I found it difficult to follow the restrictions that a 'strict' compliance of that 'other' plan might require. I wanted to eat my own food and make my all of own choices again. I thought I was strong enough to handle it. That's when I decided to return to WW.

A brief aside here. I have friends and family who do WW, and who do so ENTIRELY based on pre-packaged foods. The point, for them, is convenience. So, they use the Lean Cuisines, the Healthy Choices, the ....whatever it is, almost exclusively. Convenience IS a major issue for a LOT of folks, no matter what program they consider themselves to be part of. I, personally, prefer a combination of convenience and my own lovely cooking. I LOVE to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I'm free do do it now. I love it!

Now,I drink my water, get fruits, proteins, dairy, good carbs, veggies, and exercise in each day, and count points. That's what I've BEEN doing, only without the points. Now I can, without any guilt, use a lot more of my own food..... or Lean Cuisines, etc. Well, guess what... that's what I've been doing all along. I guess I gradually became a WW, while residing under their flag.

You know, permanent weight loss is based on so many varying factors. Focus is the main one. Everything else falls in around that focus. I love WW. I did before also. I am so.... confident that WW is my future, that I'm not looking back. I have nothing to condemn 'them' for, and I have no regrets. But, I BELONG here. At the same time, knowing I belong here, you will find pattyjo at the head of the cheering committee for ANYONE who conquers their weight issues and achieves permanent weight loss. I don't care WHAT program they work. They deserve the cheers and kudos of all of us. Period!

Boy, Linda S, you have been treated to a pattyjo specialty, an essay. I do tend to go on....and on...and on....... that's me. I feel something, and then I examine it in 20,000 words or less.



Re: Pattyjo


Its so nice to meet you Pattyjo!!

I do have friends that do other weight loss programs..2 that are actually on Nutrisystem...I'm like you..whatever works !

This is where I'm at right now. I know WW worked in the past for me..and meetings held me accountable. I was on WW for a yr...then got preg. But during that yr..I was strictly on it...to the T! And I worked out ALOT..the gym became my 2nd home..LOL.

Now..my body just seems so different. I can't workout like I use to anymore..I work full time (like I did before), but now I'm married & have a 16 month old daughter. Its definitely more responsibility that I had before...Before it was just "me" and I took care of myself #1.

Tonight will be my 4th wi..I don't feel any lighter..I've journaled, counted, so we'll see what the scale shows.

Thank you so much for your input!! It just really helps meeting other people who are on this journey for the same reasons!!


Re: Pattyjo

Hey, Linda

((((((Hugs)))))) back at you, girl. Just keep doing what you're doing. Be honest with yourself, and keep close tabs on what you're doing I sure hope you have success at your weigh in. But, like you said, it gets so different after you are married and MOST especially when you're a mom. Don't get frustrated! You'll get your personal program fine-tuned and working well for you, if you have patience. In the meantime, you are eating healthy foods, getting healthy water into your system to keep everything 'flushed', you are moving your body some, and you are keeping track of your thoughts and feeling through your journal. Also, you have this fabulous board, full of fabulous people, some as opinionated as me , who are willing and able to throw words your way to try to help you, and let you know that you are NOT alone!

Keep your chin up, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.... you will find ways to make this whole experience as rewarding to you as the weight loss will be!



Re: Pattyjo

thank you so much for your beautiful kind words

i'm so happy to have found these supportive boards & wonderful people !!

I'm just going to take things week by week..and try not to give up on myself. I do want to live a healthier life & be around to watch my daughter grow up.