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Another question :)

We were talking about oils last night and how to get them in. I have a really hard time doing this because I don't like to add the points! LOL What do you guys do?

I do take fish oil twice a day, would this count for it?


<3 Brandie

Re: Oils

i've always had a hard time too!!
i'd love to hear some suggestions.

Re: Oils

i always put a tiny bit of oil in the pan when i'm making eggs white omelets, or at the bottom of the homemade-popcorn pot!

Re: Oils

I also didnt want to use the points on oil, but have found that if I follow all the healthy guidelines (ie: getting in 2 milks, 2 oils, 5 fruits/veggies, etc.) I lose quicker and I also have less points to spend on things that aren't so good for me or my weight loss effort (ie: 100 calorie packs, snacks, etc.)
Try adding some oil to stir fry/sautee veggies - add some garlic to the oil for flavor -
Low fat salad dressing - 2tbsp = 1 oil
Butter spread or real butter on a 1 pt. english muffin

Remember to use a teaspoon (measuring spoon) when portioning it out - those little drips and drabs add up.

Re: Re: Oils

I have to cut oils per doctors orders and wish I could have more. But when I do I try hard not to 'see' them so that I don't get used to adding margarine to bread or muffins or potatoes. In that way I don't miss it if I don't have it.

Given that statement when I use the oils I use them in saute, my omeltes, in cooking fried potatoes.
But I have found adding it to my FAT FREE Salad Dressing is the BEST way for me, because I love LOTS of dressing on my salad.

Also I make my own Italian Dressing that has Olive oil and vinegar with fresh garlic and Italian seasonings.

I also add a bit of olive oil to water packed veggies such as mushrooms or hearts of palm or artichokes and I marinate them for a few days in the original jars.
The veggies are no points and I count the oil only as the points. This is like a 1 point snack! So I don't feel like I am using my points.

I agree though that following the 8 WW healthy eating guides will help you loose more wt.

Hope this helos ,


Re: Oils

I also have a hard time getting my oils in. I only have 21 pts each day as it is and to spend 2 of them on oil, I don't think so!

I have done the winning points program and that program did not require oils.
The way I see it, there is plenty of fat/oils naturally in the foods that I eat.
Now, if I were having skin, hair, nail, or bowel problems then I would make sure that I got that oil in because it is supposed to be good for all of that, but I don't seem to be having problems with that so I don't purposely drink down 2 tsp of oil each day.
I do however use olive oil and canola oil when cooking where it is necessary to have oils. In fact I am in the process of making a tabbouleh salad and that calls for olive oil. Yumm!

Re: Re: Oils

Once again the Tammy-JeanCat 'likeness' strikes again!
Whenyou mentioned that you have only 21 ponts that hit home and WHY we may have so many tastes in common! Because I too have only 21 points to use. About 40 to 45 pounds to go.
Any way when you get to 21 points you REALLY have to scrimp, scrave and save your points and you get really frugal and stingy. So you LOOK for LOW or NON FAT /HIGH Fiber foods because that is the lowest in points.
That is one reason our likes are closer to each others.
Pure taste buds is another!:)