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Since joining WW I have changed a lot of my food intake. I am addicted to foods now that I would have never ate before, or there are some foods that I can't give up. Do you all have that feeling

New Addictions:
100 Calorie Packs
Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew :)
Skinny Cow Icecream (MINT is delicious)
Granola Bars (Fiber One Choclate is awesome)

Addictions that I can't give up:
Potato Chips ( now eat 100 calorie pringles)
CHOCOLATE ( I eat the 100 calorie Dark Choc. Hershey bars frozen)
and much much more that I can't think of right now! LOL :)

I would love to hear from you

<3 Brandie

Re: Addictions

Yep, amazing how we change our eating, right?

its GREAT that there are so many alternatives now for the foods we like!

I keep always in hand at home or work:

100 cal packs (but i have to be careful w/those!)
WW chocolate caramel mini bars (keep them in the freezer)
light chips
94% ff popcorn
Pam butter spray
turkey burger patties
light bread, lite buns
98% ff chicken breast by oscar meyer
98% ff bologna
light mayo
ff cool whip
smart one desserts
WW giant fudge bar
Dole mixed fruit cups
low fat Eggos
light syrup
Fiber one bars (oat & chocolate are my favorite)
Lean Cuisine pizzas
Mixed veggies
frozen carrots

my list could probably go on!! LOL

Re: Addictions


I am have noticed the same things. I was always a wing and pizza guy. I loved sports bars and all that. I haven't been to one since February though. I am addicted to cooking first of all. I love making my own dishes, and yes, I use my buffalo sauce and have made some sauce variations mixing regualr Texas Pete w/ bbq sauce or A1 for different flavors. I am addicted to egg white sandwiches on hamburger buns instead of egg mcmuffins w/ bacon, and am addicted to fruit and water. I usually drink up to 64 oz of water a day by filling up 20 oz bottles w/ the water cooler at work.

I also took my son to McDonalds last night after his baseball practice for a happy meal, and despite browsing the menu for about 2 minutes (Like i don't know what's there), I got a salad. I couldn't get myself to order the bad stuff. I only had 18 points out of 44 at that time, so I could have gone crazy on that menu and been w/in my points. I guess I'm addicted to the new lifestyle more than anything. I'm glad we're having the same "problem."

Re: Addictions

I've been trying to kick some of my bad addictions. I use to be addicted to regular Mt. Dew, but then I switched to diet. I'm even trying to kick that now. I'd love to say I'm addicted to water, but I'm not there just yet. I am drinking a lot more water than I use to though, especially since I've been trying to give up the soda. I think I did find a new addiction this week though. I never spend money on the WW desserts because I think they cost too much, but they put a Super Walmart down the street from me (it opened last week) and I've gotten kind of hooked on the Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae for 3 points (you get 2 sundaes for around $1.98). I still think even that is expensive for what it is, but I suppose it's better than some of the alternatives. Now when I want something sweet, that seems to be the thing I go for. :) I'm also addicted to my egg mcmuffins that I make with egg beaters, canadian bacon, 2% cheese and a 1 point english muffin, all for 4 points. I'm sure there are other things I'm addicted to, but I can't think of them right now (I'm brain dead today from lack of sleep).

Re: Addictions

yay Ben for going for the salad at McD's!
I would of had a fruit parfait along w/the salad
I love those things!!

Aimee, I love the sundaes!! I have to keep them stocked at home. Though there are nights when my husband will come over & ask if he could have one...I tell him they're MINE and stay away! LOL.. Though he's been eating healthier too..so I don't really mind him having one every once in a while! LOL.. its great when they're on sale..and I have a Smart Ones coupon! LOL

The new WW ice cream cups are great too!
I've tried the turtle one, choc. chip dough, and the brownie one. YES all are good!
The mint ones are always out!

Re: Addictions

LOL! I can see it now. You're husband asks for one of your sundaes and you smack his hand saying "no, mine!" LOL!!!!!!!!! I actually hid mine in the back of the freezer from my boyfriend. He doesn't normally know what's in the freezer or fridge anyway because he waits for me to serve him everything (he's not capable of feeding himself. If he's hungry and I'm not around to cook him something, he'll sit and just eat chips or something within visual range that requires no real work).

Re: Addictions

how did you guess?????? LOL!
yep, I tell him "do you know how much we paid for that?"

he's not doing any diet ..he's not overweight, but he's been struggling to get off the 20 lbs he gained when I was pregnant!
plus, he wants to eventually be a personal trainer..so he's pretty fit..but every now & then he splurges..I told him he can splurge, but NOT on my WW foods! LOL

Re: Addictions

Ben- Great job on the salad choice. I would have got two grilled chicken snackwraps with just lettace and chicken! YUM! :)

I was a regular soda person as well, and it is amazing how much I don't miss it. I couldn't live without my caffeine free diet mountain dew! LOL

Re: Addictions

I am addicted to my vitatops - 1 pt and make me feel like I am having the real thing - kinda pricey at about $1.00 each - but I figure Im saving so much from staying away from fast food and junk that it makes up for it.

Ben- Good for you at McDonalds - what kind of salad did you have - I tried their asian chicken salad a little while ago - and had to toss it out - it was that bad! Maybe it was just this McDonalds. I keep reading that their new southwest salad is good.
And Ben - what is your buffalo sauce (I love spicy too) and how do you use it?

Re: Addictions

I have become so addicted to

Green Tea
No pudge brownies with WW ice cream and lite cool whip
Wraps for lunch
WW 1 pt dk choc raspberry bars
WW 2 pt Sweet and Salty bars
Aimee's chicken cordonbleu
Smoothies with yogart

and the list can go on......

Re: Addictions

I am on the go a lot! I work more hours than I sleep!
So I am addicted to fast foods that I can take with me or put together:
Since I am metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic) with high triglycerides and cholesterol I have had to change my whole way of eating. Cook more and NO/Low animal fats and NO/Low Sugar. So my indulgences are bland to most of the members who can have much of what I cannot. But these are the things I can not do with out:

WW meetings (especially with my home girl/buddy Julia)
Shopping at Trader Joes
Looking for New Finds

WW chocolate caramel mini bars (keep minein the care and are sometimes my breakfast on the go!)
WW 2 pt Sweet and Salty bars
FF Cream Cheese
FF Mayo
FF Cool Whip
Salmon smoked or otherwise, canned, fresh or otherwise
Sushi especially salmon
Skinny Cow Ice cream sandwiches
MY Mock Honey Mustard Dressing/Sauce
Trying New Spices
LIGHT Thomas English Muffin (only 100 cals and 1pt)
Fave: LTEM + FF Cream Cheese + smoked salmon + capers = bagel replacement/snack/meal
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Yams plainor alone, with ICBINB or added:cinnamon and raisins or pineapple and Splenda/Equal
Brussel Sprouts with ICBINB and a bit of nutmeg
Egg Beaters with melted Soy Veggie Slice Cheeses or FF shredded Cheddar Cheese made in Omelets
Mushrooms of any kind
No Fat Yolkless Noodles (love to add them to soups or serve MY Stroganoff on top of them)

Carl’s Junior Chicken Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bun (7 pts) and most recently on a lettuce wrap (4 pts)
Marie Calander’s Vegetable Soup
Elephant Bar Salmon dinners

Hard to give up:
Hot Italian or French bread in a resturant (but I did give up the butter.
Larger portions (doing better) in resturants. (am cuttign every thing in half on good days, eating it all on bad days).
Running to food for emotional comfort (doing sooooooo much better, but this LIFE-IT will always deal with it).

What I gave up:
I have major Triglyceride and cholesterol high readings so NO FAT if I can help it.
I don’t do the 2 tsp of oil every day. But I do use it about 3 times a week. Olive and others oils have no cholesterol, but I am trying to eat less fats too.
I had to give up Eggs, and now use Egg Beaters. Love them.
I gave up regular real cheese of any kind except parmasean, now I substitute FF cheeses and Soy Veggie Slices
I gave up chocolate candy bars, now do WW carmel chocolate

What I need:
Exercise, Water, Sleep and Veggies
Trying to get the motivation and time to do exercise. An abdominal hernia is getting in my way too!
So far I drink more fluids than before, just not more water. Doing better in food and fluid department. I gag with H20! But Crstal light has save my butt. Keep them in my purse.
Need more sleep. I get about 2-4 hours per day and try to sleep in on the weekends. But getting 6 to 10 hours a day promotes health loss and I KNOW it, I am just too busy and most of the time can not fall asleep.
I am trying more veggies and I am doing so much better, but I still go some days without my veggies. Then I go periods of time where I actually miss them if can’t have them, that is a SWITCH! J

Activities that I have added:
Cooking: I never cooked much before (I love to cook and am a good cook, just never had or would take the time). Now I find myself wishing I had more time to cook and taking the time to cook.
Crock Pot cooking the best for people like me on the go

New Hobbies:
Making up my own new recipes!
Buying WW recipe books and some for diabetics, and especially Low Fat Crock Pot Cooking
Changing old family favorites into lower fat versions
Reading and Networking on THIS site!!!!

Love to All,

Re: Addictions

Jeancat :( You work way too much!

I am soo happy I get to say that to someone and not hear it myself! I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and am in college, so I understand. I LOVE sleep, it is an addiction.

I love the list and I am addicted to Salmon now too. I cook it on the George Forman (along with everything else I cook lol) and it is awesome!

Re: Addictions

I realized that I dont need a 2 liter pepsi a day to survive. Crystal lite is just fine. And water it does more than help with weight it helps my skin.

I also LOVE the chicken breast and to make them crunch with crushed cornflakes and seasoning.

after i weigh in i do splurge on a whopper which are the best burgers in the world.

Re: Addictions

Here are things that you'll always find in my house and if not, then I'd better be on my way to the store! lol!

Sundried tomato flat outs for wraps and pizza
Morning Star farms veggie burgers, tomato and basil pizza burger, black bean and corn burgers
Fiber One chocolate bars (cures that chocolate candy bar craving!)
Uncle Wally's smart portion blueberry, banana, and brownie muffins
Edy's slow churned SF vanilla ice cream (tastes so much like regular full fat/full sugar ice cream, its my new favorite!)
WW ice creams, I like a variety. My newest favorite is there mint chocolate ice cream cup, 6 ounces for 2 pts. I made a mint mocha frappucino with one the other day, very good!
Light bread
Lots of canned beans, I put them in lots of things, including meatloaf!
Fresh fruits and veggies
2% pepperjack cheese singles
Tofuti Mintz's Blintz's
TJ's organic reduced sugar strawberry preserves
TJ's ff black bean dip (it is sooooo good and 0 pts!)
TJ's blueberry bran muffins
Tofuti better than cream cheese
my list could go on for just about forever! I am so happy that there are so many products out there that are now healthy for us! It definitely makes this journey much easier for me!

Re: Addictions

i love everyone's list...

so nice b/c we can all share our likings!

Re: Addictions

Hey guys,

Every time I read a thread like this, my shopping list gets longer and longer! I'm heading out the door in an hour or so to do just that, shop. And, no, this was already planned.

I find I spend so much time in the grocery store these days, lol, hunting out all my treasures. Since it's only been during the last couple of weeks that I made the official,(to me anyway) step of considering myself a WW, I haven't had a chance to restock all the good things I can now work into my plan.

Although I try not to put too much emphasis on desserts, I do enjoy knowing there is a tasty, low fat, low cal and low point treat waiting for me at the end of my day. I'm heading back to the freezer case, lol.

Talk about addictions though, my newest one is frozen berries, all berries. I never really let myself like them before. But now, wow. My current fav is the mixing in of those frozen berries into my yogurt. To me, it's almost as satisfying as ice cream..... almost, lol.

I love my Boca products, and my Garden Burger products and just about all that MSF puts out there. I know there's more out there in this line, but I CAN'T AFFORD to find too much more yummy stuff, lol. It's funny, I eat so much less these days. Yet, I still spend way too much money in the grocery store. The difference THESE days, is that I don't eat everything up in even a month. There are leftovers of really great things in my fridge and freezer, but they don't CALL to me. Amazing thing, this addiction to healthy eating. I just love this change in myself. It's, almost, , like a 'normie' would act.


Re: Addictions

Well I think its easier for me to be "addicted" to bad food. My main problem is pasta. If I make pasta I seem to have to eat the whole pot!! My husband is a culinary arts teacher and he makes homemade croutons they are the best things ever. I eat one and I cant seem to stop! Im sometimes that way with peanut butter either I have to have it all the time or not at all. I could also eat a bag of M&Ms without batting an eye and we know Im not talking about the single serve here.
Good habits Im developing. I also LOVE salmon. Have you ever tried it dipped in sugar free maple syrup..so good! Also love shrimp.
I need to break the diet coke habit. The more I hear about diet pop and artifical sweeteners I get scared.

Brandie: where in Mi. are you again? What school are you going to. I work near MSU's campus.
I wish we had a trader joes close by!!!

Re: Addictions

Ooooooo, I love this thread! It gives me so many great ideas.

Okay, Here are my faves:

1 point original boca burgers on a low point bun with FF cheese and lots of grilled veggies

Baked sweet potatoes with ICBINB spray

Lean Cuisine Paninis

WW 2 point ice cream cups

Smart Ones Cookie Dough Sundaes - these are my faves and worth the price to me.

Breyer's 100 calorie cookie and cream cups

South Beach Diet cereal bars in peanut butter flavor

FF Reddi Whip

Quesadillas made with imitattion crab, Laughing cow cheese and asparagus or spinach

FF hot dogs

baked potato with laughing cow cheese and salsa

instant butter flavor grits

Smart Ones lasagna florentine

spaghetti squash with diced tomatoes

eggplant parmesan made with broiled eggplant, low point spaghetti sauce and LF cheese

2 point grilled cheese - 2 slices 1 point bread, 1 slice FF cheese, ICBINB spray

Eggo Special K waffles with SF syrup and ICBINB spray

Canadian bacon

Eggbeaters in the veggie variety

Lipton green tea - all flavors!

Coke Zero

Smuckers SF jellies

Goodness, I could go on forever and a day. There are so many great things out there! I think I eat more variety now than I ever have and it is so much healthier!


Re: Addictions

I live in Owosso Michigan, about a half an hour away from Lansing. I am attending Baker College in Owosso taking most of my classes online. My boyfriend is going to MSU for Food Management.

Where are you from?

Re: Addictions

Small world isnt it?? My husband graduated from MSU hotel/rest management many years ago. Hes a culinary arts teacher now out of Ionia public schools. He worked for many years for Bennigans then for many more years for Trippers in Frandor. I also went to food service school but out of LCC.
I live in Grand Ledge and work in East Lansing.
Where are you working Brandie sounds like you dont have much free time between work and school. My hubby got his masters last summer from Western Mi. that was alot of work but worth it in the long run. We are looking forward to a school free summer

Re: Addictions

It is a small world. My step-brothers and my cousin lives in Grand Ledge!! :) I have two weeks left of school and I am done for the summer, I am finally graduating with my Associates degree in Business Management! It took me 4 years, but thats fine in the long run:) lol

I work two jobs, I work at the YMCA in town and at a paper company. I have alot of free time at the paper company. In fact, I am there right now, avoiding homework hanging out in this discussion board. :)

I have been at the Y since 2000! I was almost 15 years old and my mom told me to go into work because someone couldn't make it (she works there too). Ever since then, I found my career choice, I LOVE the Y!

My boyfriend is working at VG's market so I have an inside on ordering fat free or yummy healthy food! :) His goal is to sell beer for a major company (wierd, I know! )

He only has a week left of school and then we are going to Disney World May 16-22! I am excited, it will be a nice kick off to Summer and a great time to start walking a lot!

Re: Re: Addictions

Wow! I need that !
Good to know others are in the same groove, whether it is not so good: working too much or great: love of salmon!

Re: Re: Addictions

I am with you on the Suckers Sugarless jams or perserves!
I use it on plain yogurt! and of courser PB2 sandwiches!

Love yas

Re: Re: Addictions

The Maple syrup sounds great!

I plan to try a mixture of it with soy and ginger for a teryaki flavor!


Re: Addictions

Rigt now I am going through this phase of sugar free chocolate pudding wtih free cool whip mixed together. Have to have it every evening or morning. I had it this a.m. and dying right now for some more, trying not to give in.

Re: Addictions

My DD "yelled" at me tonight and said, Mom would you please eat that Blue Bunny Personal light single serve ice cream. It's been in there for about a month, along with my skinny cows fudge bars. For some reason it dont bother me to have it sitting in there, i am not craving it. I really think i never craved ice cream, i just ate it cause it was there. Or i bought it caused it looked good. I can let it sit there because i have so many other healthy choices,and i always makes sure i have some sort of dessert in the refrig.

I am slowly becoming addicted to those Breakfast Cookies, the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, rock!!! I dont even mind the Oatmeal Raisin ones, the Apple Cinnamon are so-so, but man those chocolate chips ones are mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm good. ( i am eating one now)

Re: Re: Addictions


I have checked out your addictions! Sound great! Things I would like, but have never tried!

I will look for the Fiber 1 choc bars
Uncle Wallys ??? muffins? Where did you get them?
What is SF vanilla ice cream?


Re: Re: Addictions

Try this with PB2 in your Cool Whip! Great mock or quick Choclate Peanut Butter Pie!!! Ymmmm!


Re: Addictions


what are the breakfast cookies?

Re: Addictions


The Uncle Wally's Smart Portion muffins are only carried in Super Walmart centers, at least that is the only place I have found them. They are where all the little Debbie type snacks are at. They are great! They are only 1 pt per muffin, except the brownies and they are 3 pts for 2 muffins. They are all made with whole grains and taste phenomenal!

The SF ice cream is Sugar Free ice cream. My fave is the Edy's slow churned vanilla. It is 2 pts per serving and very good!

How many points are those breakfast cookies that you spoke of?

Re: Addictions

Akus where do you get the cookies?
Jean Cat

Re: Addictions

Thanks Tammy! Now where did you find the ice cream?

Re: Addictions

I've been away a couple days and I can see I've missed so much! I'm addicted to Kellog's All Bran bars (the honey-nut flavoured ones), and I NEVER thought it possible to like bran so much. I also love the Tetley Green Tea-pomegranate flavour. (Canadian spelling). Having read so much on this board about green tea made me want to try it, and since I love pomegranates, this is a super no-cal treat! And my favourite snack is grapes. We're getting beautiful ones from Chile right now. So as soon as I bring them home, I wash them and measure out one-cup portions, and put them into zip-lock bags.

Re: Addictions

Linda S and JeanCat,
Breakfast Cookies are made by Quaker Oats, its really a snack bar in the shape of a cookie, why they call it a breakfast cookie, i have no clue.

Here is what they say at their website:
Try New Quaker® Baked Breakfast Cookies! What could be better than cookies for breakfast? These chewy, delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip breakfast cookies are made from the goodness of whole grain oatmeal.

The goodness of Quaker® Oats in every cookie:
• Made with Whole Grain Oatmeal
• Good Source of Fiber*
• Excellent Source of Calcium & Iron
• 0g Trans Fat**
• 9 Vitamins and Minerals
one cookie is 3 points

I dont think they are chewy at all, nice and soft just like an oatmeal cookie.

I found them at my local grocery store (Giant), i think, Wal-Mart has them, not sure

I just opened my last one

Re: Addictions

thanks akus!
will have to look for them tomorrow when I go to superwalmart

Re: Addictions


The ice cream is Edy's brand. It is in a round cylinder shaped container and it says Edy's Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream, No Sugar Added. It is made with Splenda.
I have found it just about everywhere here in OH. SWM, our commissary, and I think Kroger probably has it too.

Hope this helps ya!
PS. I had a scoop of it tonight with a chopped up dark chocolate raspberry 1 pt bar for my evening snack. Yummo!~

Re: Addictions

Thanks Akus and Tammy!

Jean Cat

Re: Addictions

Tammy, the TJ's bean dip that is FF is it in a can or what?


Re: Addictions

Mrs.Dash's Table Blend is not safe in my house. LOL.

Bought it for a recipe and now i use it on everything, its Mrs.Dash so it is salt-free.