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What is your skinny fantasy?

I thought this might be a good motivation tool for all of us.

At lunch we were discussing what our "skinny fantasy" was. You know the fantasy you play out in your mind when your dieting on how it will be will you are skinny.

One lady's was she will go to her daughter's wedding and see her ex-husband, who always downed her for her weight, and have him shocked speechless, and then ignore him.

Another one was to walk in Lane Bryant and close her account.

Another was to be able to wear a swimsuit with a skirt attached to it.

My fantasy that I played over and over in my mind was to buy a slinky dress and go dancing without feeling self-conscious. I also used to dream of the day when I could shop in any store I wanted.

So fess up, what is your skinny fantasy?

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

Good question! I think that my skinny fantasy is shopping anywhere that I want and not having to buy the biggest size they offer! I hate going to the mall with friends because I can't fit into clothes that their favorite stores offer.

Another one would be to share clothes with friends!

And another would be to be skinnier than I was in high school and show everyone how great I look now! LOL

<3 Brandie

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

my skinny fantasy would be to shop wherever I wanted..and not have to try it on before buying it.
Also to wear a regular bathing suit & not feel uncomfortable!

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

This can happen to all of you also..

My fantasy has been fulfilled through WW, and sticking to it this time around..
I now can shop anywhere I want, I can even wear a
2 pc bathing suit this season on the beach...

I got rid of all my L and XL's and now comfortably wearing an 8-10 jean and M top, slinky and low I might add, and showing off a tattoo i have over my left breast...

THese are just a few of the rewards I got to date by hitting goal...

If I can do this dear ones, anybody can... sure its a trudge from time to time, but as I stress in alot of my postings don't QUIT no matter what....

The journey is soooooo worth it.. and we're all soooo
worth it also.... and we're all in this together, whether its 2 lbs to lose or 202 lbs,

I still have to be aware of what I'm doing and not get cocky, I know me very well, and this weight can come back in a heartbeat if I'm not careful, and I have to remember where I came from and what it was like being FAT.... and I never have to feel that way again.....

Re: Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

That little black tight slinky dress
The one with the plunging neckline.
The sleevless one to show off my thin arms (yeah that will be the day, the dress yes, the arms no way!).


Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

To wear jeans and a shirt tucked in, be able to sit down and cross my legs without having my face turn purple from the loss of oxygen.

Return to my hometown for a visit and have the people I know not recognize me.

But mostly, to teach my daughter how to live a healthy and active life without body image issues. (Okay, that's probably harder than the first two!)


Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

While my skinny fantasy doesn't involve a black slinky dress, lol, it does involve not shopping at the big and tall stores. It also would be nice to enter a room and be looked at instead of look around, and finally, my son told me he liked how my belly jiggled, lol. Um, in my fantasy, he'd be short on thing that he liked.

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

I, like Tobe have made goal, and it is so nice to walk into any store and know that a size 6 jean/pant and medium top is going to fit, and look pretty darn good too....I'm still not quite there with the bathing suit, but I think that is just my own personal issue.

We can all achive our fantasies and goals if we just stick with it and with each other!

Happy Fantasizing!

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

I love what sue said to be able to cross the legs without loss of oxygen. (I'm still laughing because it si SOOO true.

but mine would be to be able to spend le$$ on clothes because of "extra material" they have to use.

2. having more options in department stores instead of just 2 racks of sweats and strech pants in the "plus w" section.

3. being able to afford the clothes.

4. And The Top Fantasy. Too have My Boyfriend Be able to Pick Me Up for you know fun things like "putting up shelves" without him getting a hernia.

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

My main skinny fantasty pre-ww was stepping into a room without taking a mental inventory to see if I was the biggest one in the room!

4 years going strong at goal ( )I realize that the thing I like most is the fact that being thinner allows to be comfortable being the person I truly am regardless of what size or shape I come in.

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

My skinny fantasy is to be able to buy all of my clothes super cheap and have such a large selection to choose from that I just don't know what to buy. LOL! Ok, what I really want is to be able to tuck in my shirt and not have to worry about if my belly or any "rolls" are showing. :)

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

I have a thing for 40's style dresses, and I guess my fantasy would be to be able to fit in one of those pretty little things, do my hair all vintage like, and pretty much make the boy's jaws drop. LOL(Esp. that special guy that also adores that vintage look)

It would also just be great to wear a two piece bathing suit. I've never done that!

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

To get into the dressing room and actually have to ask for a size smaller instead of a size larger!!!

Re: Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

As I stated earlier the slinky little black dress.
But I would like to add to be able to see my feet!


Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

Well, much like Tobe and Kim, I very much enjoy knowing I can grab a size 6 or a small and walk out the door without trying it on and know it is going to fit me now. My skinny dream used to always be that I would be a size 8. Now that I am a size 6 it really does seem like a dream. While I am not to goal yet as I have about 6.5 lbs to go, I am certainly more comfortable in my own skin. I remember one of the first times that I had gone shopping I had to keep reminding myself that I belonged in the regular petite section and I also had to keep reminding myself that no one was staring at me because of my size and me being in the wrong section! I have had to shop in the plus section for most of my adult life so to be a size 6 is just unreal to me. I honestly can say that the last time I was in a size 5 jeans, I was in third grade. At that time I should not have been a size 5 in lady's clothing. I should have still been in kids clothes! This just tells you that I have been overweight just about my entire life.
I am with Tobe, if I can do this, anyone can. You all keep up the excellent work. I am so excited for everyone here. Aimee has been a blessing to us all in her work of creating this cyberspace that we can all come to and support one another.
When I started WW I tried very hard not to look at the big picture as I would get very discouraged. I always tried to set up small goals for myself instead of dwelling on the main goal.
Well, now that I wrote a book I think I'll go and spend some time with my hubby!
Have a great night everyone!

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

First I have to say Ben, Im glad to know your skinny fantasy isnt the black slinky dress. hahaha!

I have to agree with alot of comments I would just like to get dressed and know what I have picked out will fit. I have been to that point and its nice not to have to figure out how to wear the same 3 pairs of pants all week!!

I also would like to wear jeans. I dont wear them when im fat and just like the little tshirt and jeans look. something I never wear.

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

I went shopping the other day because my size 17 pants were just too big. I was at Maurices and grabbed two pair of size 15 pants and didn't try them on because I thought they wouldn't fit.

I tried a pair on yesterday and they are baggy. Before, to get into any jeans they would be skin tight, I would have to do lunges because my legs are big! Now, I am happy that a size 15 is baggy!!!!!

I wore a size 9-13 in high school and am about 10-15 lbs away from wearig a 13 again!!!!!!

When I hit my goal, I will be smaller than I was my freshman year in high school.. WOW.. Weight Watchers is AMAZING!

Re: What is your skinny fantasy?

wow, Brandi..wish I could say I was smaller than high school...Great job, girl...