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eating out smart

I thought it would be helpful if we started a thread about healthy entrees we like to eat at our favorite restaurants. That way we might try something new and still lose weight.

Zaxbys- Ranchero salad with lite Ranch 9 pt

Schlotzsky's- Veggie supreme pizza 11 pt

Chick-fil-a- Chicken strip salad with FAT-FREE
honey mustard dressing 10 pt

Jason's - Southwest Philly Wrap with steamed
veggies 12pt

McDonalds- Southwest salad with southwest salad 9.5 pt

I use the 123 Winning Points so my figures my vary if you are using the newer program.

After typing all that, I am now hungry.

Re: eating out smart

Well, I don't go out to a lot of different places, but when I do grab something I get:

small chili (4 pts)
small chili with 2 packets of crackers (5 points)
Grilled chicken sandwich and ask for it on a regular bun (6 points)
99 cent crispy chicken sandwich (9 points). I don't get this too often, just from time to time if that's all I want.
Lite Lemonade - zero points (5 calories per 8 or 12 oz.) Can't remember exactly. I always get a small.

Burger King
Tendergrill Garden Salad without croutons and adding 1 packet of fat free ranch dressing (6 points). It's 5 points if you can live without dressing.

Ice Cream Cone (3 points)
Egg McMuffin (7 points) - I don't get this very often, but I know it's always an option for me if I'm out running around and I need breakfast.
I haven't tried a salad there yet, but I'm probably going to go and try the southwest salad for dinner tonight.

6" turkey breast and ham on wheat without cheese, toasted (5 points)
6" club on wheat without cheese, toasted (6 points)
6" oven roasted chicken breast on wheat without cheese, toasted (6 points)
Chicken Noodle Soup (2 points)
1 Bag of Light Chips (think they're ruffles) (1 point)
Sometimes I'll add light mayo to my sandwiches for another point.

I think that's about it (that I can think of anyway). Like I said, I don't go a lot of places.

Re: eating out smart


Denny's - I love the slim slam breakfast with veggies added to the eggbeaters and no topping on the panckaes except for SF syrup.

Pizza Hut - the Fit and delicious pizza with grilled chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes

Subway - turkey breast salad made with spinach instead of lettuce

Burger king - Veggie Burger no mayo and a side salad

Applebees - grilled tilipia or the shrimp and steak skewers

I think that is about it for me!


Re: eating out smart

Add the southwest salad with grilled chicken and the fruit and walnut salad to my list for McDonald's. Yummy! :)

Re: eating out smart

My faves are
6" turkey on wheat with loads of veggies, no cheese, lots of mustard and light chips all for 6pts

the same as Aimee!

Grilled Chicken sandwich, I ask for the packet of FF honey mustard dressing and just use a little of that instead of the sauce that comes with it.

That's about it for me.