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moving on

Well after my gain of .6 tonight, I'm going to move on..and hope to have a nice loss next week!

I'm going to continue what I'm doing: journaling, eating my target pts, getting my water in, exercising, and getting in my fruits/veggies.

I'm not giving up!!

Re: moving on

Atta girl!!! And don't forget to come here to talk if you need to! (Even if you don't need to, just want to!)


Re: moving on

That's the spirit Linda!!! You go girl!!! :)

Re: moving on

I've gained a few .6's myself along the way.

The clerk and also my leader said, Tobe get real its only a .6 thats not even close to a lb, could be water build up, or just the body off wack for that hr..

Linda, don't look at the number, look at how you feel...
Chin up next week will show a nice loss...