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green tea

Tobe mentioned that green tea might help w/my slow losses. I've never tried green tea..however, i have tried diet nestea icea tea, and i liked that. (i hate the taste of reg. hot tea..blah)

So can you fill me in on what brand, flavor, etc.. I should try? maybe i'll buy a small can at the store and try it first..


Re: green tea


i don't have a TJ in PA...LOL

Re: green tea

I wrote about green tea in my blog not long ago. I took a lot of the suggestions from the message board and added them to what I was writing. Here's the link if you'd like to take a look at it....

The Benefits of Green Tea

Re: green tea

Thanks for the link Aimee! I'm definitely going to look into it & try some
Doesn't hurt to try!

I also noticed you have a myspace!! I'm going to request you , ok??

Re: green tea

no problem. :) I added you to my friends list. Thanks!