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on program today thurs 4/26

Well for me its another start of a new day.

I have my food planned, so I know exactly what I'm doing for each meal and snack until my points are used up...

Today I'll be making Aimee's chicken cordonbleu thats in her first cookbook..

Its excellent. so anyone that has that book try it.

for those that don't if you want the receipe I can type it out,, its easy. and not many ingredients, thats my kind of cooking, I like simple....

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

Good Morning!!

I'm ready for my day as well! My day is all planned out until my pm snack..I'll figure out what to have for dinner when I get home from the gym tonight

Oooh, sounds good what you're having for dinner Tobe!! Please do share that recipe...I'm still learning how to cook! LOL.. so if its easy & simple, I'd be willing to try it

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

I hope Aimee doesn't mind its out of her first cookbook.

The way I do it fast easy and good

take 4 cutlets kind of bang them flat.
plain yogat
ham lean I used the oscarmeyer shaved honey ham
2% mozz cheese
bread crumbs

After I hammer the cutlet, I then put on 3 slices of ham, sprinkle the mozz on the ham.

roll the cutlet, then smear the plain yogart all over to coat
roll in flavored breadcrumbs

spray baking dish with pam the spray the cutlets,
bake at 350 till done... about 30 to 40 min

Each cutlet I count as 6 pts

I'll have a sweet potato or my own way brown fried rice.... 1/2 cup 2 pts (its a lot for 1/2 cup)

large salad 2 pts for lite bleu cheese dressing

the whole mean is 10 points and very filling...

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

I just put the cordonbleu together, in stead of shredded mozz I use the lite string mozz cheese, 1/2 stick in each cutlet...

I also didn't have plain yogart so I used WW
Berry, hmmmmmm wonder how thats going to be.
I made a new receipe

Very Berry Chicken cordonbleu LOL.....
I'll let you know the outcome..

For lunch I'm going to finally try the flat out bread pizza, just with sauce and cheese, no turkey peppersoni so the points should come down to about 2 1/2 maybe 3..... and not the 4.

Then I'll have my usual afternoon smoothie, with WW yogart and get rid of the calcium for the day...

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

sounds delish!!
thanks for sharing!!

let me know the new way..w/the berry yogurt! LOL

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

is there a specific plain yogurt you use? flavor? light?

and i just recently bought a huge packet (at sam's club) of thin chicken breast (perdue brand)..(very thin)..would i still count it at 6pts when done?
they're not as thick as the skinless chicken breast i've seen & bought at the stores.


Re: on program today thurs 4/26

If they're real thin I would count it as 3pts.

the lain yogart I buy yes its lite nonfat....

oh well Berry has to do, just imagine berry and chicken uck....

Wait till Aimee sees how I screwed up her receipe..

Lunch today is flat bread pizza... that I can't wait to try, I've searched 4 stores for them breads and finally found them....

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

thanks Tobe!
I'll probably try the recipe this weekend..and I'll let you know it turns out!

the way I make the brown rice ..I add mixed veggies & lite soy sauce..so it doesn't taste plain & bland...know what I mean?

hope you like your flat bread pizza!! i love the italian herb flavor ones!!

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

I make my brown ride the same way... its good jazzed up

I just finished the flat bread pizza it was good, I'll do that again...

I of course added more spieces to the veggie sauce..

I'll have a smoothie and thats it till dinner time.

Seems like a nap is in order this afternoon with my two dogs. glad I have a KS bed to fit all 3 of us, my pups are big girls....

Re: on program today thurs 4/26



Re: on program today thurs 4/26

woo hoo for brown rice!!

glad to hear that you enjoyed your lunch!!

Re: on program today thurs 4/26


I'm on program w/u all today! Working hard to get to goal.

Tobe, I saw where you posted that recipe and it sounds so yummy! thanks for reminding us of it. I did want to remind everyone though that Aimee has made her recipes available online. You can click on the recipes link at the top of the home page and it will take you to her 2 cookbooks plus the one that she has in the works.

I am making her cola chicken tonight. I am going to use DR. Pepper berries in cream though instead of diet cola. I'll try to let you know how it turns out.

Re: on program today thurs 4/26

Shhh, Tammy don't tell Tobe that. Then she won't have anything to do. Typing up the recipes gives her something to do with all that time she has when she's not at the beach. LOL! Just kidding Tobe. :) Let us know how the Berry flavored yogurt works out. Might be gourmet and you just don't know it. LOL!

Tammy, Let us know how that dr. pepper turns out in the cola chicken. It does sound interesting.

I'm OP 100% today, I'm just a little late getting here to let you know. :)