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New WW products @ meetings

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post about 3 great products that I purchased yesterday.
They have a new strawberry banana smoothie for 1 pt and it tastes great. I mixed mine with water and ice and a little bit of Davinci's SF raspberry syrup

Dark chocolate raspberry 1 pt bars, delish!

Their new pure comfort cook book, has lots of yummy recipes in it! I made the creamed spinach on Monday. It is 1 pt for 1/2 cup and it has shallots, and cream cheese in it, among other things. Very good!

Just wanted to share my finds!

Re: New WW products @ meetings

thanks for sharing!!
i love the chocolate smoothie! but i'll have to try their new ones too.

i love the mini chocolate caramel bars for 1pt..i put them in the freezer..and it takes me longer to eat one..LOL

Re: New WW products @ meetings

I've tried all the smoothie my favorite is Vanilla

I use a container of WW yogart 1 /4 cup water and ice cubes... 2 pt also i get in 2 calciums with it

I keep the rapsberry 1 pt bars in the freezer also and yes it does take a while to chew it...

The recipe book i haven't looked at yet, why use that when Aimee has two great ones available..

Re: New WW products @ meetings

I love the mint chocolate bars,,, they are soo good!

Re: New WW products @ meetings

I agree with you Tobe...Aimee's cookbooks have more recipes and much lower in points than the weight watcher cookbooks. I have looked at the ww ones and haven't bought any of them. I like normal food, not recipes with bunches of vegetables in them...Aimee's recipes are more common foods that the whole family will eat...If you figure what each recipe cost you...aimee's is much cheaper since it has lots more recipes in each book...She needs to get them into stores....She could give them a run for their money....

Re: Re: New WW products @ meetings

I like Aimee's recipes and I use them straight from the net. I am not sure if there are somethings in the books that are not on the net or not. But so far I have only had time to try a few. Which is why I have not purchased.
I did buy the newest book that you mentioned back in late Feb of this year. Why? because the recipes looked more like what I would eat than the other recipe books of the past. It looked more like home cookin' and comfort food. Again haven to tried much from it but what I have tried I loved.

Ilove the mini carmel chocs can nto do without
I am not crazy about the raspberry choc bars, but in a pinch they will do.
I love the choc mint and can not do without
And love the sweet n salty when I want crunch like sweet.

Re: New WW products @ meetings


I also love the mint chocolate bars and the sweet and salty! Sounds like your favorites list is almost the same as mine other than the raspberry bars! I'll have to try the chocolate caramel bars. I had not tried them yet because I had not heard anyone say anything about them. I hate to spend the money and it be a guess on my part.

That is also why I bought this new book. I thought that it had a lot of good recipes in it that seemed easy to make and most of them where not extreme.

Re: New WW products @ meetings

My favorite bar is the sweet and salty, but I can't buy bars anymore. I can't eat just one. I tend to eat them 2 at a time and that's not a good thing.

Re: New WW products @ meetings

I'm with Tobe on this one, she suggested that I try the raspberry bars and I love them. I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but these are great, only wish they were bigger! I have tried some of the other bars and really didn't think they were worth the money, some kind of chocolate w/carmel (yuk), smores (double yuk), something like chewey oatmeal (I can't remember what they're called) but tasted okay, I did like the peanut butter, the ones with the chocolate chips and the lemon was kinda tasty.

Re: Re: New WW products @ meetings

Dear Tammy,

I have noticed that we have 'connected' on may issues or levels since I have joined and been posting! :)
Are we twins? Hee!

I will have to check your 'addictions' list one more time!

WW Choc Carmel bars got me through the first two months of this year AND the loss that I had in 2005!


Re: Re: New WW products @ meetings

The ONLY ones I really don't like are the burnt smores!
The WW staff person EVEN warned me about them. I bought them any way just to try them. Through them out!

The lemon bars are too sweet for me. I thought I would never say that about anything. But it was chocolate and that sweet I would love it! Maybe I just don't like lemon!