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Increased appetite after weight lifting

Does anyone else experience a major increase in appetite/hunger after doing muscle work? After a month away from the circuit at the Y I started again Tuesday evening. (I usually kickbox and do step aerobics). Yesterday I was extremely hungry between meals. I am wondering if this is because of the weight work I was doing? Anyone else experience this unfortunate side effect?

Re: Increased appetite after weight lifting

Annie are you adding your activity points and are you eating them?...... when we exercise we're burning fat and we need to add more fuel...

we get an exercise slide (just like the point finder)
we have to look up our age, our weight, do we work at a low or moderate or intense rate and then you find your target activity points....

In my meeting this past tues the leader said, if you hungry eat, but eat wisely don't waste good points on empty calories...

I earn 3 for a 1/2 hr moderate work out...
and I eat all 3...

Re: Increased appetite after weight lifting

I know from lifting for a number of years and rehabbing my knee after surgery that if I didn't eat feed my body protein during the day, and I mean more than usual, I would be starving after working out. The muscles use the protein to rebuild and heal after you tear em down. I don't know what you ate before or after working out, but if it was more carb friendly than protein friendly, that might have done it. If not it could just be an adjustment your body is making to a more rigorous excercise program. It takes more to heal a torn down muscle than to come down from a cardio workout. Hope any of this helps.

Re: Increased appetite after weight lifting

I was going to answer this question, but no need because Ben was right on point. I worked one-on-one with a trainer for over a year. If you're switching from cardio to weights, you definitely need to increase your protein. Some ways include adding some eggs whites or beans to a salad, a 1/2 oz of nuts to your yogurt, etc