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On Program today Fri 4/27

Well today is the start of another day, which I do plan on staying ON Program...

I haven't done my journel yet, but I will, so I know exactly what I'm stuffing in my face today.

Its raining this morning, so looks like another beach day is out... guess I'll just have to go and
Fake and Bake again!!! (tanning salon) LOL...

I do plan on getting an oil change in my SUV first thing, and I just got a metal partition for the back of it. so that needs to be installed, its to keep Jeni My 6mo old puppy contained to the back, while Maggie (my senior) is in front with me..

Other than that, nothing much going on... so I'll be kicking in and out today...

Hope you all have a good OP day...

Re: On Program today Fri 4/27

yep, I'm w/ya being OP today!! TGIF!!
I'm having my breakfast right now...egg whites, WW english muffin, and a mcd's fruit & yogurt parfait

and I have my whole day journaled & planned...

hope everyone has a GREAT OP Friday!

Re: On Program today Fri 4/27

Tobe what kind of puppy do you have?

Im with you..Motivated for a good loss next week!

Re: On Program today Fri 4/27


I love that you post OP's everyday. It motivates me to plan my journal out ahead of time which actually makes staying OP so much easier. It also makes it easier when it comes to dinner time because I've already planned what we are having and I am not rushing around at the last minute trying to make something.

Thanks! Tammy

Re: On Program today Fri 4/27

I'm OP with ya today. I'll be working most of the afternoon, then I'm going to my parents for dinner and some card playing. I guess I'd better call over there and ask what's for dinner so I can plan what I'm having for lunch. :) Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Re: On Program today Fri 4/27

On program today with TJ CranMango Muffin and 1 banana.
This is 5 points but fills me up for hours.
Also aids in ridding my body of some toxins or waste. Yepee!