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Help. Any advice Please

Hi. I've been doing pretty good with my WW and I am very motivated right now. But you know who has to come and mess things up.. Mr. Vistor, Aunt Flo, The mood swinger..you get the picture. But today is Weigh in day and I stepped on the scale at home this morning and no weight lost. I really hate going to WW and paying the $12 fee when I haven't lost anything. What should I do? should I go or skip this week? I know about bloating and how this works but I'm just so upset and I know I'm not the only one who goes through this so thats why I'm asking for this advice. And the meetings are great but I basically go to WW for the acurate scales.

Re: Help. Any advice Please

Yep, we all know about "TOM" (time of the month)..and actually you might be surprised..maybe you've lost a tiny bit. But if not, your next weigh in will be GREAT! All that water retention & bloatedness will be gone by next weigh in!!
I know its disappointing when we go, pay, then see a GAIN..believe me, I know! I've had 2 small gains in a row!! .4 & .6 ugh.

But you'll be ok..TOM is a pain in our butts, but the following week will be GREAT for you!

Re: Help. Any advice Please

Kelly I say go.... you can skip your weigh in but if you miss a meeting, it might be the one you need to hear to apply it your own program...

Why pay the $12.00 wkly fee, when you can get a monthly pass for 39.95 which breaks down to 9.22 a week.

And you might be surprised and a show a loss...

Thats what I would do.... and thats what I've done.

Re: Help. Any advice Please

I agree with the others....definitely go to your meeting. I go to my meetings even if I know I'm going to have a gain because I know if I don't...then when the next week rolls around, I'll have an even bigger gain....or may decide not to go at all again.

Re: Help. Any advice Please

Um . . .

Re: Help. Any advice Please

My advice, go to the meeting! You many need the info that they present there. Besides that, even if you don't go this week, you'll still have to pay for the missed week's meeting when you go next week. So you'll have to pay $24 next week. It's in the paper work that they give at the beginning when you join.

Also, as for that monthly pass that Tobe mentioned, it really is a great deal because it also includes membership to WW online which is a great resource. You can point your recipes with it and get a whole lot of info. My problem is that they don't offer that monthly pass here. The WW that I go to is one of the original ones that was start so many years ago and it still owned by the family of the woman that started WW. They are not part of WW international so I guess they don't have to follow the same rates and such as international sets forth. Stinks for me, but it is great for those that can take advantage of it. I'm almost to goal so I won't pay anymore for my weekly meetings, just for the online access.
I also agree with everyone else, after your visitor leaves you'll probably show a large loss! Keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine!

Re: Help. Any advice Please

If I'm not too late, I say go too. Even if you're up this week, that's just how much of a bigger loss you'll show next week.

As far as the monthly pass goes, I use one and it's great! I would have never paid to use the online stuff, but now it's included with the pass. Great deal! They don't actually offer it at my meeting, I just went ahead and bought it online (acted like I attend a meeting that does take it) and they accept it when I go each week. Of course I would double check before buying the pass if you're meeting isn't listed as one that takes it. I'd call up there anonymously and just say "I have a monthly pass, do you accept those?" LOL! I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they have to take it. :) I'm all for saving money. I've given these people enough money over the past 6 years. LOL!

Re: Help. Any advice Please

My advice is much the same as Tobe's WITH one amendment:

Go to the meeting, the topic may be just what you need to hear and would otherwise miss.
You may find a networking buddy too!
But remember that it is cheaper and with more benefits to pay the 9.22 per meeting via online WW

But you can ALSO take a NO WEIGH IN PASS!! This allows you to have a much BETTER mood about your self. I took one just LAST week! I gave myself PERMISSION to go to the meeting enjoy the topic and friends, BUT not get on the scale,even though knew it was up. It was up because of portion control, but I stayed on my program foods, I did not binge. May be up because I did not drink much water. For whatever reason I did not have to see that increase in wt on my WW book in INK! Yuk!

WW allows the NO WEIGH IN PASS just for this reason! And so that IF you indulge a bit you don't have to beat yourself up over and over again! You can GET BACK on TRACK much easier! AND the next week you just may have a better loss because of it.

I also agree with (forgot who posted this) the fact that at TOM you gain water and next week when you continue to stay on track you will loose water and then some. So in a way it is a pleasant reward.

Try to use your No Weigh In Pass during these times. Some WW staff are sticklers: two times a year.
Other WW staff are happy that you are there and want you to keep coming back! They allow you to use it all the time any time.

Remember that it is much easier to set yourself up by not going to meetings. And when we stop one, it is easier to stop going more, then to drop out,only to find ourselves larger and heavier months or years later, only to re-learn that WW is what we NEED.

I do hope you will GO to the meeting, ASK for a NWIP and ENJOY the meeting, GO to the supermarket and purchase your special WW addictions to stay on track for next week!

Take care and Let us know what you do, and how you feel!

We are all here in this together to help each other. The best news is that you asked for help!


Re: Help. Any advice Please

Thanks so Much girls and Ben. I will be going. I see now this is expected but it will be ok in the long run of thins. Thanks.

Re: Help. Any advice Please

What's the matter, Ben, are you uncomfortable with this line of discussion? I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to hear all the details of our bloating and cramps and mood swings and cravings (well, that last one you can identify with). Just one of the hazards of being part of a group of girls. But I can assure you that I'm thrilled you here for the ride. It will be great to hear a guy's perspective on so many topics of discussion.

Re: Help. Any advice Please

Why is it that TOM always seems to land on a weigh in day. What a crock I say lol. Don't stress too much about the pounds that suddenly appear during this time, don't forget you're often rewarded at the end with a big loss!