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New Find Brown Rice

We all know that Brown is healthier than white.
Brown is usually disgusting to me anyway.

I was at TJ's last week and bought a 3lb bag of their Brand, (ha, they only carry their brand)
Its Jasmine Brown...
It has such a good taste and smell to it..

I just whipped up some Brown Fried Rice (lite of course and on WW)

First I cooked the rice in a little water and 1 can of Beef Broth, (college Inn)

Then I cut up
Fresh Garlic
REd pepper
jalepano pepper
a little olive oil maybe 3 tablespoons
lite soy sauce just a few sprinkles. depending if you like a salty taste add to your liking...

saute all the veggies in the oil
add cooked rice
last add soy sauce and proceed on low heat to cook it all together.

1/2 cup 2 pts
1 cup 4 points...

great with Port, or Aimee's chicken cordonbleu..

Re: New Find Brown Rice

we need a TJ's here in PA!! arrggh

recipe sounds delish!!!

Re: Re: New Find Brown Rice

I sometimes by theTJ's pre-cooked brown rice and take it to work.

I cook mushrooms, olive oil, onions, garlic and Italian seasonings, then add to the rice and heat in micro at work.