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New Wt Loss Chart Format!

Dear Aimee,

You have changed the Wt Loss Chart from one large horizantal one to 7 different ones due to the quantity of members wanting to join, I supppose.

I just wanted to acknowledge you, your hard work, and time consuming diligence to this/your site, and for helping us all.

All is GREATLY appreciated,


Re: New Wt Loss Chart Format!

Let me second that motion! Awesome wonderful marvelous stupendous terrific work!

Re: New Wt Loss Chart Format!

i think it looks GREAT too!!!

Re: New Wt Loss Chart Format!

Thanks! I didn't anticipate how many people would want to join the progress chart, so I decided to break it into days because it was just too long and I hated having to scroll back and forth. :)

Re: Re: New Wt Loss Chart Format!

Dear Aimee,

I don't know if you recall my email to you regarding this. I 'alluded' to this, that maybe vertical would be the way to go. But unlike you I did ANTICIPATE MANY
WHO WOULD WANT TO BE ON THE CHARTS! But I think the change from horizantal to individual weigh in days is much better.

Question: If one does not report their loss for two consequtive weeks or if they do not email you and let you or Tobe know that they will be out of town or something to prevent the WI they will be removed. Is this correct? If so I don't blame you. Too much work and effort for left blank spaces. Also the filled chart gives us all hope, healthy competition and a network.

Great work!

PS I anticipate MANY MORE will want to be added as you get new commers to the site.