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Last nite I skipped dinner, I wasn't hungry after I had a large salad, and this morning I'm not hungry either, but I know I can't skip meals, or my body is just going to sit in a stuck mode, I have to fuel it to get it moving...

Not a good beach day today AGAIN!!!! ACK!!!!!!!
I wait all winter for this time, and usually I am on the beach this time of year, but Jersey isn't doing what I want it to do. Haha...

I did get to FLa this winter, and the weather there was also crummy...... Usually in the winter I head to one of the Islands, but this year I decided not to really travel, that gets boring also.... with all the airport security it seems to take forever to get to
POint A to Point B...

Nuff said, I'm staying OP today 100%.....

I hope the rest of you, have a good food day!!!

Re: ON PROGRAM Sat 4/28

I am on program right thisminute with some hot green tea. Hoping I can pee it all out before 11:30 am weigh in! LOL!

I will post later on my eats and WI weight!


Re: ON PROGRAM Sat 4/28

I'm 100% OP too Tobe. My kids have opening day today for little league, so I will be watching them in a parade and then 2 games. Needless to say, I'm eating a WW friendly breakfast and bringing some 100 calorie snacks and water to the games. Have a great day everyone.

P.S. Although it's not an official weigh day, I was down 1.2 from my weigh in weight on Wednesday to 344.3. Over 14 pounds down and closer to 10% goal!

Re: ON PROGRAM Sat 4/28

Good Morning !!!

I just got up...about to make myself some WW pts friendly breakfat & journal my day.
Then I'm off to the gym to do some cardio & get that out of the way for the day

Hope everyone has a terrific Saturday!

Re: ON PROGRAM Sat 4/28

I'm with you all on program today. Had 3 point breakfast and sitting here looking at the treadmill contemplating getting on it. I know if I don't do it now I prob. won't.

Way to go Ben!!!! I won't even get on the scales. I do not even have any in my house because I know I would obess. I just wait until I go to WW's.

Re: ON PROGRAM Sat 4/28

I am OP today too! Just had a 3 pt breakfast and getting ready to head to the gym for my workout.

Have a great day everyone!

PS. Tobe, ahh to even live close to a beach again! I could sit on a beach for hours just watching the waves roll in. LOL, sounds like a song!