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Did You Know

That Blue Bunny puts out new Ice Cream cups..

8 fl oz light personals

I got Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake..

CAlories 100
Fat 2.5 so thats actually counted 3
Fiber 3 g

2 pt
Blue Bunny puts other ones out but I had my point finder with me and the others were 3 point...

WW also has a new sundae cup out

Chocolate fudge Brownie 2 pts

and I know some of you mentioned the Mint one.

These I found in Pathmark, I never go in that store but I waa looking for the no pudge fudge pops, no luck, seems the stores in NJ doesn't sell them...or doesn't carry them anymore...

I've gone to 4 or 5 different supermarkets and with no luck.... so I got Blue Bunny instead, can't wait to try this tonite...

Re: Did You Know

The chocolate raspberry cheesecake sounds yummy. Hope they had it at my swm tomorrow when I go. I've tried the ww's cups in the cookie dough, pretty good.

Re: Did You Know

I found Blue Bunny Personals at my local store when i first started WW. I bought 3, one for me and each of my kids. They are their's ( one was the cheesecake, i dont remember the other one) i bought Bunny Tracks for me, 4 points,because its an 8 oz cup but the serving size is 2. Anyway its still in the freezer, just no "urge" to eat it. I never seen the no pudge ice cream, not a real big fan of the brownies. I have seen the WW ice cream Sundae cups, they are H U G E!I usually buy all my ice cream treats at Wal-Mart since they are cheaper

Re: Did You Know

I just had a 1/2 cup of the Blue Bunny cheesecake over a no pudge brownie, topped with lite cool whip. omg was that good... haha I wanna lick the bowl...

but i won't.

I could eat more, but I won't I used 2 pts for this dessert, and well worth it,