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A simple question???

Has a chat room been set up on your site, if so I can't get in..

Re: chat

Hi Tobe,
Yes, I've been working on finding one that I liked and was free all afternoon. I think this one looked the best. If you click on the blue button above that says "Chat Now!" it will open up a new window. If you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to disable it to get the window to pop up. You also need to make sure you have Java enabled on your computer (AOL users may need to open a different browser like Internet Explorer). I'm using Firefox and it seems to be working fine.

Enter a user name (or you can register a name if you want to make sure you'll always have the same name when you sign in. This will also allow you to choose an avatar picture and have a small profile). If you want to register, the link is right under the "Connect" button.

If you register or not, you simply enter your user name into the box and hit connect. If you registered, it will ask for your password. If you didn't register, just click "Enter without Password".

You should be all set to go from there. :)

Re: chat

yayyyyyyyyyyyy it worked like a charm. so where is everyone I wanna chat LOL....


Re: chat

I'll chat with ya for a few minutes Tobe. Where ya at? :)