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fiber one bars

Well I've always liked the fiber one oats & chocolate bars..I usually have one everyday during the week..before going to the gym..and they're so good!

Well I had a coupon the other day & bought the oats & peanut butter ones...and I had one today while we were out..and OMG, its good too!!!

2pts for the oats & chocolate

3pts for the oats & pb

Re: fiber one bars

I have only had the PB ones, they are YUM-O. Every time I go to get the chocolate ones the store is always out but I really love the PB ones.

Re: fiber one bars

I didn't care for them, even though my friend raved about them. That was until she ate a few and had some "gassy" problems. They left a aftertaste in my mouth.

Re: fiber one bars

I love the chocolate ones, but they are hard to find where I am. Always sold out. I did get lucky the other night and found them. I will have to give the PB ones a try; I was wondering if they were any good.

Re: Re: fiber one bars

I bought these today too! Man I will never have any new finds at this rate! Hee! Again I did not sample yet. Will this week.