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went grocery shopping today

I did find a few new things...

Quaker breakfast cookies that were mention on a thread on here...

WW mint choc. chip ice cream cups for 2pts

Lipton diet green tea (mixed berry flavor)

I haven't tried anything yet..but I'm looking forward to it!!!

I've tried the other WW ice cream cups..and I like them all...but today superwalmart must of stocked up on the mint ones...b/c I bought 3 packs of them!!

I did have to stock up on 94% ff popcorn b/c not only is it my fav. snack to munch on..but it has now become my hubby's too! LOL.. and had to buy a few cans of pam butter spray for it too!

Re: went grocery shopping today

I also found new flavors of the WW yogurt...

amaretto cheesecake

mixed berries

white chocolate raspberry

Re: went grocery shopping today

Lucky Lucky you! :) I've been trying to find the ice cream cups for awhile. They're always out of them when I go.

Re: went grocery shopping today

I use all those yogarts in a vanilla smoothie, i have one every single day, the amaretto is the best, my vote for it to be the #1 so far... I am so addicted to those smoothies 2 pts and 2 calciums

me big strong bones LOL...........

WW sure has come a long way with new products...

Re: went grocery shopping today

I could not find "my" breakfast cookies, * eyes Linda suspiciously*,so i bought a box of Baked Banana Muffin Bars and a box of Granola Bites,both by Quaker Oats. The "bites" are new and sorta taste like Cocoa Puffs, they had other flavs also.
Both the muffin and the bites are 2 points.

But i missssssssss my cookies!!

Re: went grocery shopping today

LOL! Uh oh Linda, better watch out! :)

Re: went grocery shopping today


I never thought about using pam butter spray on my popcorn. I alway use the parkay spray, but it seems to take a lot and kinds soaks my popcorn. I am going to have to pick some up tomorrow when I go shopping.

Re: Re: went grocery shopping today

Popcorn: You can use some butter buds too!
Quaker oatmeal breadfast cookie, IF QO ever knew the subliminal and direct marketing messages on this site, heck if any company knew, they would infiltrate and put their own messages here. I bought them too! And I bouth the blueberry and bananna ones. Only the oatmeal is a soft one, the other two are baked.

I bought a bunch of other stuff to report on for next weeks JeanCat Favorites. Of course as per usual you all get to them before I get a chance to mention them! :)

Have not tried them yet. But looking forward to it.


Re: went grocery shopping today

oh yes! I always spray some Pam butter spay on my popcorn...if I can't find it, I get the generic walmart brand butter spray (like Pam)..so as I pour some in the bowl..I spray, and spray..

I don't like using that other kind of butter spray (like parkay or icbinb spray) b/c it gets the popcorn soggy...YUCK.