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Come chat with us Today

We're having a meeting online, today at 4:45 Eastern Time. Just click the "Chat Now" button at the top of the page! Who knows what we're going to chat about, but lets get together and have some fun! See you there!

Re: Come chat with us Today

That was DA BOMB!!!!!!!

Alight bulb moment, we should do a set time for everyone on the site to come in and we can talk FOOD..

Re: Come chat with us Today

that was so much fun!

we must do it again

Re: Come chat with us Today

Aw, man, I missed it!

I'll keep a closer eye on the message board next time!

Re: Come chat with us Today

Sorry Sue, I was there chatting with Jen until about 10 minutes ago, but I had to run outside and get the toys my dog sneaked out into the yard because it was getting ready to storm. We're getting a pretty good storm now. It was really nice out just an hour ago.

I got to chat with Tobe, Jen, Lea Ann and Linda today. It was a lot of fun. Maybe we'll start scheduling a weekly chat where we can all get together. :)

Re: Come chat with us Today

Thats a super idea Aimee.

A scheduled place to meet finally and get to chit chat with one another..

I'm involved with two other sites, with Chat rooms, and I'll tell you during dark lonely hours, its a great thing to have a place to go....

Re: Re: Come chat with us Today

Okay I just came from the chatroom hoping that someone would be there. No such luck.

Between eastern and pacific std time perhaps two at diff times? (Sue you game?)

Any one at any time can come to the site and post that they would like to chat. You never know who might be on line at the same time!

Sorry I missed you all.


Re: Come chat with us Today

Bummer, I missed out! Oh well. Maybe next time.