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Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29

I know I'll be 100% on program for sure.
Today and tomorrow I do very lite days, no salt. and lots of water.. I have the scale on Tues...

Today I plan on some garden work, that is if my puppy doesn't decide to dig while I'm digging,

And then if the sun breaks out fully I plan on heading on the beach for a few hrs, I have a choice either the bay or the ocean.. I just might do the Bay today for a switcheroo, I imagine alot of boats will be heading into the water today.

They've been trailered all over the place, coming out of dry dock and into the water.
Yes spring has sprung in this part of NJ.....

ANd Flip flops are in full swing.

All I can say for myself is I'm so glad I went back to WW in Oct 06 and got the weigh off, now that skimp clothes are in bare knees, bare arms etc... I won't be embarassed to wear the summer garb... I'm so ready.....

Just a word, whatever work your all putting into the losing of the pounds, stick to it, its so worth it. and if I can do this and hit goal anybody can...

On weeks of a gain, no matter what I suited up and showed up in a WW meeting...
I was determined this time to get it off....

Re: Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29

Oh what a feeling!! to be in control and OP.......for life

Re: Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29


send some warmth our way (in PA) !

We're finally seeing some sun today...after almost a full week of rain, clouds, and low 60s. Today will go up to the mid 70s..so after we clean & do laundry, I'm off to earn some extra ap's taking my 16 month old for a walk

So, yep its a great OP day for me

Re: Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29

Linda where in PA are you...

I'm the south end of Jersey not toooo far from AC...

Re: Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29

I live in Kittanning, PA (about an hr from Pittsburgh)

Re: Everyone on Program today Sun 4/29

I'm OP today. Probably won't be around much until later tonight though. I have a lot to do around the house today as far as cleaning and laundry, etc. go. Hope everyone has a great day!