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Tobe's Smoothies

Hey Tobe,

I have been hearing you talk about these smoothies you make. Can you tell me please how you make them and what you use? I LOVE smoothies. Thank you!!

Re: Tobe's Smoothies

Sure Jena

I buy the WW brand. kinda costly but excellent.

I prefer the Vanilla flavor I've had the choc and strawberry.

OK... in the blender I put 1/2 cup cold water, 1 pkg of smoothie mix 2 icecubes and a container of WW Yogart. Blend and drink, use a straw its thick, filling and you get 2 calciums in....

2 pts.....

I look forward to that in the afternoon it takes the edge off until dinner....

Re: Tobe's Smoothies

yummy, yummy! Thank you.

Re: Tobe's Smoothies

they sound so good!

Re: Tobe's Smoothies

I am lactose intolerant, but being on my program foods I have less of a problem believe it or not. However I take no chances unless I will be staying home, I use Frozen yogurt and plain yogurt and Splenda/Equal. Some tmes use a banana. I have also used fruit that is frozen, sherbet and banana and FF half and half . But if I want it creamier I add also FF cream cheese.

Count Points accordingly.

Hope this helps someone else if they too are lactose intolerant.

Jean Cat