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Vitamuffin Mixes

Just wanted to post to say that I made the banana vitamuffin from their mix and it is very good. If you like the Vitatops, then I think you'll love these. They are still one point. I think they are much better than the Vitatops though because you bake them at home so they are fresh and moist. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Vitatops, but this muffin was really moist and delicious. The mixes are easy to make, you only need water and jumbo egg whites and nuts or chocolate chips for garnish-optional but included in their calorie count. The mixes are also cheaper per muffin than buying them premade.
Just thought you'd like to know!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. It is beautiful here in SW OH.

Re: Vitamuffin Mixes

Hi Tammy, I finally found the muffin top pans I have been looking for...We went to the Jeffersonville Outlet today and got them in one of the stores. I've been wanting to make aimee's choc. muffins in the muffin top pan. Never thought they would be so hard to find... I like Vitamuffin tops but I think they are WAY too expensive for what you get...

Re: Vitamuffin Mixes

Hi Patty,

Thanks for the info on those pans. I have never seen them anywhere other than on the Vitamuffin website and I didn't want to order there 'cause of the expense. You are right, the muffin/tops themselves are rather expensive, but the mixes are reasonable. My biggest things that I have to consider is can I afford them money wise and then can I afford them point wise. Sometimes the points outweigh the money! LOL! I figure with all of the money we save by not eating out it is okay to splurge on some foods that really help me to stay OP.
You spoke of Aimee's chocolate muffins and I bet they are delicious. I'll have to check her cookbooks for the recipe. Thanks again for the info on those pans. Do you remember what store it was that you found them in at the outlets?
For now, I have been using the foil cupcake papers and making muffins with the mixes. I like the foil because it doesn't stick at all like the paper ones do.
Thanks again! Tammy

Re: Vitamuffin Mixes

Hi Tammy, I got the muffin top pans at LeGourmet Chef that is at the Factory Shops outlet which is at route 71 and 35...I ended up getting 2 pans so I could bake more at a time. I didn't get them made tonight but I plan on doing them tomorrow. I have to look to see if I have fiber one cereal first...Ok, take care..


Re: Vitamuffin Mixes

believe it or not I saw those muffin top pans at the local target 6 months ago, long before I knew what a vitatop muffin was! I went back last weekend to buy them, they did not have them any longer!

I ended up buying those flexible silicone 'pans' like they demo on late night tv.

Any one use them? Any likes or dislikes? tips?


Re: Vitamuffin Mixes

I have the silicone muffin pans to make my
No pudge brownies in...

I haven't had a problem with them all, in fact they're easier to store away when not in use.

You'll enjoy them easy clean up also, better than a regular muffin pan..
I ordered mine on HSN it also came with a cake pan, looks almost like a bundt pan. I haven't used that yet, but if I decide to make that
FF pineapple kinda upside down cake, I will use that pan.... I haven't made that in along time, thats another good low point dessert..