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JeanCat and Tobe


I saw that you had a TJ's feta salad for 4 pts including their dressing? Could you please describe this in more detail and let me know where to find it at TJ's. I LOVE feta!

Also, Tobe, I know you love green tea from TJ's could you please tell me what to look for. I know you had mentioned you buy it in bottles, but they had so many different kinds that I was sure which one to get

Thanks to you both!

Re: JeanCat and Tobe

Dear Tammy,

The back of the salad wiil say it has 2.5 grams of fat, which is high for a salad alone w/o dressing. But THIS salad has about 1/4 cup of feta cheese! Now if you read furter it says with the dressing it is 4 grams more of faf. If I am not mistaken i is 130 cals w/o dressing and I think (memory) 180 cals with dressing grams.

180 cals/w/dressing/6.5 grams fat and 3 grams fiber.
This is from memory since Friday.

the front of the salad says tJ's Greek Salad if I am nt mistaken. It might say TJ's Feta salad. The dresswig is cream in color.

I will try to check this out on Monday night.

Hope this helps!


Re: JeanCat and Tobe

I buy it in gallon jugs, its the one that says

Green and WHite Tea Unsweetened with a hint of mint.
I sweeten it myself with splenda, of just drink it plain, its good either way..

Last time there I bought 6 gallons, being TJ's is 45 miles away from actually where I live.

I wish they would build one here......

it would make my life easier, but when I do go to TJ's i usually go with a freind, and we make a day of it, including lunch at pannera bread. and some outlet shopping, LL bean, Coach DSW they're all there. and shopping is what I do best.

Re: JeanCat and Tobe

Thanks ladies. JeanCat, just let me know what you find out on that salad. I love Greek salads so I am going to definitely look for that when I go to TJ's this week.

Tobe, I saw that tea at TJ's but I wasn't sure if that was the one you get because it said white and green tea. I'll pick up a bottle the next time I go, which will probably be Weds. My TJ's is also kind of far from me, about 35 minutes away. I go to it on Weds. after my WI at WW because my WW is about 30 minutes away in the same area as TJ's. There are several WW meetings around and some even closer, but this was the most convenient for me as far as time wise. I started going when my baby was 6 months old and that meeting time worked well with his schedule as well as my older school aged kids. Now I just continue to go there 'cause I feel like the ladies there are part of my cheering team and my family!
Anyway, now that I got WAY off subject I am going to head to the gym! Have a great day ladies! Tammy

Greek SaladRe: JeanCat

It says TJ's REDUCED FAT Greek Salad! If you do not see it ask for it.
I made a mistake it is only 70 cals without the dressing. 2.5 g of fat and with dressing it is only 6.5 grams of fat and 130 cals!!!