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Fell off the wagon and got run over

Okay, I need to get up, dust myself off, and get back OP as of this very minute. I hate when this happens. I feel so guilty and ashamed. I know that one slip up isn't going to really mess up my weightloss - it is when you throw in the towel completely and one evening leads to one more day which leads to a week, then a month and so on.

Anyway, I feel like I need to confess so here goes. I had a good breakfast and lunch and then added 2 FF waffles with PB. Then I had a good dinner and all He*& broke loose. I had 2 FF wafffles with PB on top of dinner and then had 2 (!!!!) smart ones cookie dough sundaes topped with chocolate frosting/fudge sauce. What on earth was a thinking???? Anyway, I am stuffed and feel icky now.

My first inclination is to starve myself tomorrow to make up for today, but I know that isn't the answer. I will journal it all, and move on and follow my plan tomorrow. I have the flex points to cover this binge, but I still hate it.

Does anyone have insight into what leads to behavior like this? Honestly, I did not eat because I was upset or depressed. What it all boils down to is that I love to eat and the food just tasted so good. I just wanted more. Sigh.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.


Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

ukisuki, i think its just a habit. I constantly ask myself when i am putting something in my mouth( something extra)"are you hungry?,sometimes i dont wait to answer, then its to late i eat it. I use to eat like that, all the time, not just one day.
Tomorrow is another day,put this one behind You.

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

Aimee & I were just talking about how good those smart ones cookie dough sundaes are! I know myself, I've eaten 2 before..in one sitting. Good thing only 2 come in a package!!

No need to starve yourself tomorrow.
Maybe today you just needed extra...thats all.

Just be sure to journal what you've eaten, and tomorrow is a new day

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

Don't beat yourself up! The good side is that you had the extra flex points to cover yourself. So you see, you're still on program! Those flexies are part of the program too!

Why is it that we beat ourselves up if we use the flex points or use more than we think we should at one time??? I have this same problem! The important thing is though that we keep on keepin' on and we don't ever give up!

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

Dear ukisuki,

Been there Last week if you recall I ate the right on program foods but more than I hould and took a no weigh. you are right, joural it, get right bak on the horse and proced as usual (that whch works).

When dusting yourself off you may need to get rid of what I call RED light foods. I can not keep real candy bars in my houe. I will eat then...all of them in one sitting. Likewise i can not keep other snacks even if theey are on 'my' program for me like WW mint bars, because I will eat them all at once. I can keep them in my car or my work desk. I can't do that with real candy bars however . So it is about knowing what sets us off in addition to emotions! Habbit is one, being lonely is another. Tired is another, Bored is another, so is any emotion such as anger.

I did not exactly know intuitively what my red light foods are! I got rid of most and then I kept ters uknowingy, until I found by keepig them i the house that they are some of my red lights foods! Hell if teh emotions are right yas or potatos an be a red light food for me. But in general it is not. I have bbeen learning to 'deal with emotions that are really hidden. Things that on the surface are just a thought, can actually be affecting us much deeper than we care to admit to.

When journaling you might also want to journal your emotions and thoughts for the day. I do this as much as I can, but I am not perfect espeially when the emotions are high.

Hope this helps!

Love ya
Jean Cat

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

I guess Sunday was the day to overdo on the icecream
I did the same thing last nite
I had a perfect OP day, when it came to dessert, I had the proper portion, but then I went back for another, so I also had 2 ice cream cups...

Thats why we have the WFP the 35 to use or not use.

I just consider last nite having 4 pts instead of 2 with double ice cream...

The old WW desserts used to all be 4 pts.
I didn't feel stuffed and had no guilt, that guilt will keep the bender going... I stopped and went to bed to watch the Sopranos...

Todays a new day....

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

Ukisuki- you definitely have the right mindset!

As to what leads to behavior such as the sudden urge to eat more than you really want to, I've given it a lot of a thought (and a little research) and my personal opinion is that it's not the behavior that's different (from pre-WW) but your reaction to it.

When I think about myself before I started WW, I'd have gone to Friendly's for dinner and depending on the day/my mood/whatever, eaten one of their candy shoppe sundaes and NEVER GIVEN IT ANOTHER THOUGHT! And that's why I was 30 lbs heavier...

But now, just like you, if I have more than the one-serving portion of the diet-stuff, I tend to beat myself up over it. I'm sure that even two of those cookie sundaes probably has half the calories of the Friendly's variety! I remind myself that the very next time I eat, I just get back on the wagon and I'm still at goal four years later.

You've got a handle on it!

Re: Fell off the wagon and got run over

Sorry about my spelling errors. They are actually typos! I was using my nephew's laptop last night and the key board is wierd. I tried to go back and find the missed letters. But I did not find them all!

But I do hope my message was not 'lost' in translation.

I do agree our reaction is what we can change if we can not change anything else. However, we also need to change some behaviors, if we didn't we would not have to change to healthier foods and eating patterns.

Eventually we can perhaps go back to old ways of stocking our homes with red light foods. But most of us can not. How will we know this? intuitively, from experience of trying it and if we are really lucky from listening to others who have been in our shoes and learning from their shared experiences.

One of the first things that is done in a 12 step group is to deal with the physical and then the spiritual and then the emotional. Remove the alcohol or offending substance, admit that there is something greater than yourself to believe in (higher power or ???) place your faith in it even if it is a door knob that allows you to open a room to a meeting, this site that allows you to network or a god or God or ???? and then begin to deal with the emotions that brought you to where you are, so that you don't have to drink over it again, eat over it again or do drugs or gamble or??? over it again. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Healing and moving on can take place then.

Wt Watchers deals great with the physical, but rarely deals with the emotional. For the first time I am trying to meld them together.

Once wise person once taught/told me this: Giving up certain foods or addiction to eating is much harder than giving up drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or other addictions. I asked why? He told me this:
You MUST let the tiger out of the cage three times a day and control the tiger when you give up certain foods and learn to eat differently. However to give up other addictions you just simply quit all together.

A wise man......

With peace for you in mind,