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NEW Coke!!!

A new find : Diet oke plus!

Has 15% of niacin.VB6 and 10% of zinc and magnesium.

Taste was great!


Now I am not a coka cola or pepsi person. I prefer root beer! But I ak you coke fanatics: What is the diff between diet cok and zero coke?

Jean Cat

Re: NEW Coke!!!

I saw that in the Target ad today! What a hoot! I gave up sodas about two months ago, but might just try one because I'm curious!

I googled your question and found:

The originial Diet Coke is sweetened with Aspartame (nutrasweet). Coke Zero is sweetened with a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Coca-Cola's position is that the Coke Zero is supposed to taste more like the original Coke, but without calories or sugar.


Re: NEW Coke!!!

I got addicted to Diet Coke a few years ago, and I've tried the Zero type and didn't like it, it was tooo sweet.
I've given coke up, I might have 1 can during the cake for the caffeine zinger, but Instead of coke, I'm now drinking green tea and or water...

Somethings in the diet coke to make you want more, at one point i was drinking maybe 6 to 8 cans a day, I know thats not good. water is better and healthier.

Re: NEW Coke!!!

I have never been a soad person, except in the summer I buy diet A&W for yogurt Root beer floats.

I was curious what you might say about the flavors. IF and when I drink a cokacola, I prefer Pepsi because it is sweeter in taste!

But I am not one to order a soda or crave them at all. Thank God!@ I also have to have the Caffeine free ones!I bounce off the walls with Coke caffeine or coffee caffeine, but not chocloate.!