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WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

Todays weigh ins are


Amanda MI


Good Luck Ladies

Re: WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

Hi Tobe and everyone....am needing some of your support and wise perspective this morning. It was a devastating week....devastating issues with behavior of family members, house totally torn up with a remodel, etc. But did stay very on track. However, remodel necessitated scale being moved to another room (it's a traditional balance beam type) and it got moved from carpeted room to another room with wood floor....have no idea if the reading is accurate or not...it showed a 4 pound gain, though I have been on track. Could be some sodium / water retention issues going on too. In the past, I'd have let the scale reading provoke a return to old destructive eating habits which could take weeks or months to recover from. I am so determined to NOT let that happen yet again. I felt it was better to post about this and let you all see I was upset, but determined to remain on track. Hate to be posting a gain, but am hanging in there and wishing a happy and healthy week for us all. Hugs, Maaj

Re: WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

If you think your holding water, weigh again tomorrow morning, and see what the scale then says..

Stick to it and next week you will have maybe a double loss... don't quit...
Sounds like you have it together, and a plan...which is good, well not good, GREAT!!!!

I also know topsy turvey, but just think
This TOo Shall Pass (in time)
look at the outcome, all new remodeling.

Re: WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

Tobe- Sorry to write on this one but I missed the Saturday one...wasn't on-line.

No Weigh In for me, I was doing the March of Dimes.

Re: WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

Weigh in resulted in 3 pound loss :)

Re: WW weigh ins today, Mon 4/30

wooooooooohoooooooooo Annie

Great Loss..............