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Sitting pretty on the wagon today!!

Well, I dusted myself off from my ice cream/waffle binge last night and here I am. I got up and walked for 45 minutes and it looks beautiful today so I will take a bike ride later after Mitch goes to preschool. I am OP today for sure! Thank you so much for all your replies and encouragement. I know that since I had flexies to cover it, it wasn't really falling off the wagon. It just feels that way. Believe it or not, I still have flexies left even now - only about 9, but still... they are there!!


Re: Sitting pretty on the wagon today!!

Iwould say you did good planning with the flex points.

I also replied in your other post, I also binged on that New Blue Bunny Individual ice cream cups last nite, I got on the scale this morning I didn't gain but I didn't lose either, I stayed the same.

Lite today, I have the scale tomorrow, no ice cream on my menu.. lots of water instead....

We can do together, what we can't do alone., its a WE thingy,...

Re: Sitting pretty on the wagon today!!

Oh, Tobe! I love that "We can do together what we can't do alone. It's a WE thingy!" That should be your famous quote for this board and your signature too! It is so true!

Re: Sitting pretty on the wagon today!!

Glad to here you are dusted off and back on the trail!