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Just bought cookbooks

I just ordered the cookbook and I'm realy getting into WW. I did this years ago and now its much much better. I like the old way for the healthy eating habits but I love you can have treats. I've lost 26 1bs in 12 weeks and probably 21 to go. I wish I'd of started this WW a few years ago because it is so good for me.
Thanks Amy your a big inspiration. I did ww and gained my weight back and more but that was 21 years ago. We'll look back on this in years to come and it will be the good old days..enjoy.
Boca Raton Fl.

Re: Just bought cookbooks

congrats Lorraine!!!

Re: Just bought cookbooks

I bought both cook books even before I came on to these message boards.

Each one is better than the next one, Aimee makes it soooo simple compared to the WW books, thats uses a million ingredients.. and bowls....
and who needs complicated..

I try to keep my life simple and just stay in the day.

Re: Just bought cookbooks

I just ordered the cookbooks over the weekend. Anxious to get them. Trying to look over recipes on the site, but get distracted and end up back here!


Re: Just bought cookbooks

I made aimee's choc. bran muffins today in a "muffin top" pan...yum..so good. I didn't work today but I ended up taking some to work for the girls that worked today. Tomorrow I work and it will be different girls so they will get some, too. Can't leave them out just because they had the day off like i did...If you have her cookbook..it's in the first cookbook..page 30