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WW bites e-mail

Hi. Did anyone receive the email from WW this morning? They featured Kim who lost 212.5 pounds. Kim mentioned her zero point creamy broccoli soup, 2 point WW apple crisp, and her 4 inch high 2 point cheesecake. Where the heck are those recipes or how can I get them???

Re: WW bites e-mail

nope didn't get any sort of WW email like that!!

interesting though.

Re: WW bites e-mail

I don't think they like me

I didn't get anything either...

Maybe because I don't pay for my meetings any more..

Re: WW bites e-mail

here is the link: http://www.weightwatchers.com/success/art/index.aspx?SuccessStoryId=7231

Re: WW bites e-mail

Awww, i thought the topic had something to do with "bites", as in mini-bites, FOOD!!

Perhaps AnnieEmmm posting at the WW board would answer Your question.