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It's Monday, lets move it!!!

Just wanted to motivate you to get up and MOVE today! I'm on my way to the gym right now. I'll probably do about 50 minutes on the elliptical and then some weight training. So I challenge everyone to move even for just 10 minutes! You don't have to be superwoman/man just move and have fun. Even if it is getting up and running the vacuum at a quick pace or mopping at a quick pace or taking a brisk walk! You CAN DO IT! Here's another thing that is fun, turn on some music and dance like nobody's watching! Have fun fun fun!

Re: It's Monday, lets move it!!!

you're right Tammy! Today I did my bellydance mini-workout and then strapped on my 20 lb backpack and hoofed the 4 miles to work rather than take the train.

let's get physical!

Re: It's Monday, lets move it!!!

I'm with you Tammy and Mandee! Went for an hour long very brisk walk and now going out do do some yardwork.Thanks for the challenge!

Re: It's Monday, lets move it!!!

I already knocked myself out at the gym doing a vigorous 1/2 hr workout..

Then I went food shopping and parked my SUV all the way at the end of the lot just to get more walking in, thats an old WW trick from a gang of years ago.

Today I could have been on the beach, where I could have gotten in some good brisk walking. its that nice out, but my pup has a vet appt at 2. so I decided to work out instead of wasting the day in the house.

Re: It's Monday, lets move it!!!

Woo Hoo!! I walked for 45 minutes this morning before breakfast. Then Mitch and I went to Wal-Mart and I parked way far away too and pushed Mitch all over the store in the cart. I came home and put him on the school bus and took a 13 mile bike ride! I am kicking all that ice cream from yesterday out of my fat cells! LOL


Re: It's Monday, lets move it!!!

Wow! Keep it up everybody. If you haven't moved yet well I have good news! The day is not over! Get up and move!