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need your input..

I think I want to give up drinking diet pepsi.
I tried the diet green tea this weekend & crystal light...like them both very much. (never thought i'd hear myself saying that!)

I also drink a good bit of reg. water & sometimes even flavored water (walmart brand).

I have found the past 2 weeks drinking too much diet pepsi! So after having my "new finds" this past weekend...I kinda like it & want to stick w/it.

do you think I'll have major withdrawals from not having any diet pepsi??

Re: need your input..

I dont drink much soda but my husband did. He has just about stopped and he had a little withdrawel but he did it. He used to drink 2 cans at a time. He has lost over 40 1bs and the soda is one of the things I think he thought he couldent do but he did.
Yesterday he told me he a a soda drink in a resturant and thought it was too fizzy and dident enjoy it. That was shocking to hear.

Re: need your input..

Hey Linda,

I too gave up diet soda about a month ago because I believe the studies that diet drinks make you crave sweets. Over all kicking the diet soda was MUCH easier than I expected it to be and I really am craving sweets less (not sure if this is self-fufilling prophecy or not, but I'll take it!)although I did experience 2 "withdrawal" symptons:

1)Caffeine withdrawal post-lunch. Now I just have a coffee with half a packet of coffeemate and an equal.

2)Wanting something "sweet" to drink. Personally I'm trying to avoid all diet beverages including Fruit 2-o and crystal light, and anything else artificially sweetened aside from coffee and the occasional homemade iced tea. I've been subbing in seltzer, small servings of 100% fruit and veggie juice, propel fitness water and skim milk.

Re: need your input..

I used to drink a LOT of diet seven up and now I can't stand it. I did get a few headaches when I gave it up (probably from caffeine withdrawl) but it was worth it. Water is so much better for you. I think you are making a good choice. You'll be surprised at how you won't even miss it after a short while.

Re: need your input..

I gave up diet coke a few weeks ago when I started on the green tea, i had no problem and I was guzzling 6 to 8 cans a day....
Now tops I'll have just 1 and some days I have none...

I also got hoooked on the Walmart flavored carbonated water, and saw the WW scale not moving, I questioned my leader as that water has nothing in it.
She said, maybe the carbonation isn't filtering through my body, so I just switched to plain water, and on occasion when I want the fizz, I'll have one...

I try to get in at least 3 20 oz bottle of water daily and a few bottles of green tea... or glasses...

Re: need your input..

I, too, stopped drinking sodas and diet sodas about two months ago. When I was pregnant, I stopped cold turkey, and boy, did I withdraw from the caffeine. So since there was no pregnancy prompting the change this time, I weaned myself off. Still had a few twinges of head/neck/shoulder aches, but nothing like before. So my solution was to cut down by one a day. And if I got a headache that was bad enough, I'd drink a diet soda and go down by another one the next day. Pretty soon, since I was drinking so much water anyway, I had weaned myself off. Took about a week. Not bad in the grand scheme of things. I will now have one occasionally, but nothing like before.

I had also heard that drinking diet sodas tricks our bodies into craving sweets, because it doesn't know that the drinks were sweetened with artificial sweeteners. So it thinks it's party time with the sugar, bring it on!

Then also, I had read that people getting gastric bypass surgery were forbidden to drink any carbonated drinks because it expands the stomach and can damage the stomach after surgery. I figured that was another reason to quit - who wants an expanded stomach! I'm trying to lose my stomach! (I don't know if it's true or not, but it sounded good enough to me to encourage me to quit!)

Anyway - there's my input. Cold turkey might be painful. If you have the time, weaning was the way for me. Let us know what you decide and how it goes!


Re: need your input..

thanks guys for your input. I'll definitely try weaning myself off the diet pepsi. I, too, was drinking about 4-5 cans of diet caff. free pepsi.

i do like the diet green tea w/mixed berries flavor..so I think between that & reg. water and an occassional carbonated flavored water..I hope to do just fine! (((keeping fingers crossed)))

i normally would buy the diet caff. free soda..so i don't think it'll be much of caffeine withdrawal...its more like any "soda " withdrawal for me. but if i don't buy it, it just makes it easier.

thanks so much!

Re: need your input..

You will be surprised how much you loose right away due to no sodium!
My friend gave it up a month ago and she lost about 6 pounds in 1 week!