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SWM List?

Has someone created a shopping list for SWM? I know there's one for TJ's, but haven't seen one for SWM. I'm driving 40 miles to go to one and need to know what to look for. Any help is very much appreciated!

I also posted this message on the WW message board. Sorry if you're seeing it twice.

Re: SWM List?

if you go to the other topic titled "addictions" you can find the list of things I get when I go to superwalmart

Re: SWM List?

These are some of the things I get when I go to SWM...hope it helps:

WW ice cream cups - mint chocolate chip or fudge brownie 2pts ea.
flat out light bread 1 pt
vans egg rolls (in the deli case near the cheeses) 2 pts
ff pringles 1 pt
o'charleys lite honey mustard dressing (in the refrigerated case near the produce) 1 pt for 2 tbsp.
lite english muffins 1 pt
rotissiere (sp.) chicken
hostess 100 calorie cupcakes - chocolate 1 pt
smart ones chicken sante fe 2 pts
freshly's muffins 2 pk (near the little debbie snacks) 2 pt
laughing cow cheese wedges 1 pt
yoplait light yogurt smoothies 1 pt
fruits and veggies are usually good and well priced
I think thats about all - some of these items I can only find at SWM

Have fun shopping - bring your points finder - let us know what you find!

Re: SWM List?

Today at SWM I found Honey Suckle sweet Italian turkey susage links that were 3 pts each..We put them on grill tonight for tomorrow to take for lunch. Looks and smells good..will let you know....They are located over in the fresh meat dept...You get 5 links for somewhere in the $3.00 range....Going to put it on a 1 pt. bun...

TJ's again! Re: SWM List?

I was at TJ's for lunch to pick up the Salad I keep talking about!

they had a sample of : fresh apple, chicken sausage and maple syrup in a crock pot (sausages had been pre-grilled). Hmmm yum! I would never have tried the chicken sausages! But I plan to go back and given them a try.
I need to check out the fat, cals and sodium.

I make my own from turkey now, but I might try these!


Re: SWM List?


If you liked the chicken sausages at TJ's you'll LOVE the Benentino's chicken sausages at SWM. You can find them in the deli case near where you find the Vann's egg rolls. They have several varieties and I think they are all three points each. I have tried the TJ's, infact we had them for dinner last night. They are just OK compared to Benentino's. We have tried the Artichoke w/mozzarella cheese and the habanero w/monteray jack cheese varieties. They also have an apple with smoked gouda variety that my friend has bought and plans to try this week. I personally love the two that we have tried. Juicy, full of flavor, low in fat and cals, and surprisingly cheesy!


Obviously, I'd add these sausages to your SWM list! Also here are some other things that I pick up. I hope people keep posting here 'cause I've already read a couple of items on here that I am adding to my list!

Uncle Wally's Smart Portin muffins, near lil' debbies and they come in blueberry, banana, apple/cranberry, and brownie varieties. Very good. 1 pt each muffin, except the brownies, 2 of them for 3 pts.
Davinici sugar free syrups in the coffee aisle. They have several different flavor varieties and these have zero calories and are great for everything from smoothies to flavored coffee.
I think some of the others listed most of what I get already. If I think of more I'll post them. Have fun shopping!

Re: SWM List?

I do not know the difference between a WM and a SWM! Please explain.

Jean Cat
PS I do hope the SWM list will continue, sorry to interupt it! I am hoping to find one and also visit it.
Thanks JC

Re: SWM List?


WM is just good 'ol plain Walmart. SWM is Super Walmart, which includes the grocery store part of it. I'd bet that yours is probably a SWM. If it has a full grocery section, then it is considered SWM.

Hope this helps ya!

Re: SWM List?

I also found Crystal Light Hard Candy. They are only 5 calories and taste just like Jolly Ranchers to me. Good little treat to hold me over sometimes.

Re: SWM List?

Sorry that I did not notice your personal note to me earlier!

I can not have cheese due to my high TRG's, but will check them out to see the fat content.

I will check out my WM soon to see if it is a SWM!

Thanks so much,


Re: SWM List?

I think they have the same fat grams as the TJ's sausages. I don't have to worry with the TRG's. What is it that you have to stay away from with those? If you let me know, then I can keep that in mind when I am posting things for you. Just seems that we share a lot of the same likes and I want to pass on what I can to you.

Re: SWM List?

Dear Tammy,
I agree we do share much of the same likes and dislikes.
Thank you for keeping me in mind. Likewise! :)

TRG = triglycerides
They are high and the worse fats that one can ever have in their body. This is stored fat in addition to blood fat.

An example of something wtih high TRGs' = a donut!
or animal fat.
You can say that sounds like cholesteral. Well they are very much related. But high TRG's are a faster leader to stroke and heart attack. Also no such thing as good TRG's per se.

There will not be any measurement of them on a food label. So one must not eat saturated fats, cut out as many other fats as possible until the TRG's are down below 100.

My TRG's were so high in 2005 (which brought me to WW in an incident) they were unmeasurable - off the charts. Then with dieting, 695 then 595 then and now or last measurement 495.

So just think fat content. I try to eat fat free or no more than 2 or 3 grams of fat per serving of any thing.

Love ya