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ok I tried the salad

the new Southwest salad from McD's for dinner...

I give it 4 stars out of 5

I had it w/the dressing (3pts), so in total it was 9pts...I think SO worth it!

I would normally get the grilled chicken caesar..but this new Southwest leaves that one in the dust!!

It is a little bit spicy though, but I just had water w/mine...so it was good to go!!

Re: ok I tried the salad

I leave off the dressing that comes with it and use my own light ranch. It's not spicy this way and you save points. Oh so good! :) I think I may have to have one for lunch tomorrow.

Re: ok I tried the salad

I was surprised how good it was!!
I'll prob. definitely treat myself once a week to a salad from there!