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Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of ideas and strategies to help each other stay OP. I am sure many of these ideas are ones we already know about, but having a nice little list to refer to might help us all stay OP.

I'll start and list a couple things that help me:

Never go to the grocery store hungry

Order salad dressing on the side and dip your fork in it before each bite to save on the amount you use

Add a slice of lemon to water to make it more enticing

Salsa is a great condiment on everything from veggie burgers to potatoes

ICBINB spray can be used almost interchangeably where you used to use spread butter.

Hope that helps someone else!


Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

Great ideas Ukisuki!

for me, is having my day planned out...
if I'm out & about, I keep a fiber one bar in my purse/diaper bag...

if i start thinking like i want to go off plan, i start to remember how i felt the last time i went clothes shopping (very depressing experience)...and i think about how i WANT to feel once i lose the weight!!

keeping my house w/healthy alternatives helps ALOT! my hubby also eats pretty healthy, so that definitely helps me on my end. And when he craves something bad..i usually have a good healthy alternative for it for myself (like ice cream or my smart one desserts).

when i want to munch..94% ff popcorn is a plus! (so we definitely keep that always pretty stocked up at home..lol)

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

great ideas!!

I like to have a 50 oz water bottle on my desk, I fill it and I cant have anything else to drink til I finish it. ( of course I do start with a cup of coffee in the morning, but after that )

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

I agree, planning is one way for me to stay on OP.
I now pack my lunch for work, i also get up early to eat breakfast before i go to work.
I do look at alot of recipes (recipe junkie) and also keep healthy- point friendly choices of snacks in the house.
I know i can stay on OP, because i have to, its a life-style, not a diet.

I try and make different recipes all the time, and not eat the same old thing. I cannnot tell You the last time i had a salad with greens/salad dressing. But i can tell You the last time i had a marinated shrimp salad on mixed greens, w/homemade WW salad dressing.

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

When home, and that urge to eat starts slamming away at my head.....I oftentimes sit down with my latest counted cross stitch project. It takes concentration, and really makes the time move by pretty quickly. We all know that, if we give it a chance, a lot of the urges we have to eat something other than what we've planned, will go away after a bit. So, if I can, I sit down with my stitching. I have to pay attention to what's in my hand, or I'll make a mistake. I soooo hate having to rip stitches out. And, usually, this succeeds in diverting my thinking just long enough for reason and focus to come back to me.



Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

I plan aas much as I can.
I always carry WW bars in my car and 1 pt bars in my purse.
I plan and make a list of fast foods such as Carl's BBQ chicken on WW bun = 7 pts, w/o bun 4pts.
I carry equal/splenda and crystal light on the go because I am and because I do not like water.
I order water with lemon and make lemonade with splenda or use my cyrstal light.
If I find myself without a low fat dressing in a resturant I ask for honey and mustard and mix it together.
I ask fo rmost items on the side.
I order DRY grilled (no added oils or butters) instead of grilled (has extra oils).
I keep my house stocked with healthier choices than I once had before, I try to drink decaf teas to relax and get my fluids in at night. I have great collection.

I treat myself to new things once a week such as a: new spice, new flavor of foods, new cusine, new piece of clothing, new book , new kitchen gadget etc instead of rewarding myself with food, I reward myself with non-food items as much as possible.

I spend time with a good friend after my Sat WW meetings at a lunch and we plan our week and get stared on the right track together. We call each other if we can not make the meeting to let each other know the topic.

I come to this board to network when I may have been out there eating instead. I try to find new finds for this site. I feel that I have a purpose in so doing. Not only for me but for others.

I enjoy my healthy foods more and look forward to eating differently than I once did.

I always have the following pantry and staples on hand:

WW bread
WW/Light Thomas English Muffin
Smoked ref or canned salmon
Reduced Fat PNut Butter or PB2
FF Cream Cheese
FF Cool Whip and FF puddings
FF Half and Half
FF Sour Cream
FF Yogurt
FF Ricotta cheese
FF Veggie Slices
FF Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Egg Beaters
Smuckers Sugarless Jams (w/Splenda)
Brussel Sprouts or brocoli
Canned chile w/beans or con carne (turkey)
Canned veggie soups and chicken broth(low or no sodium)
Decaf teas and coffees
NO FaT Ceasar Dressing
No Fat Honey Mustard Dressing
TJ's Cran Blue Mango Muffins
WW Bars

Friends like you ALL!

Love yas

With the above I never feel deprived.

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

These are some great ideas!! Let's keep them coming...


Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

Great idea. for me, two of my best strategies to combat mindless eating binges:

1. Never eat standing up. This probably helps with digestion too I'd imagine.

2. Never eat sweets when hungry. If I'm hungry that means my body needs fuel and I can't think of a crummier source of fuel than junkfood like candy, cookies, chocolate, etc. If it's between meals and I get hungry, I usually eat a small salad with beans, a half english muffin with PB, a handful of nuts mixed into a light yogurt or an energy bar if I'm not at home. I find that a mix of protein and carbs is best for me. Then, if I still want something sweet, I eat a small piece. Much less likely to overindulge if I'm not famished when I hit the chocolate.

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

These are all such great tips and ideas to stay OP.

I usually drink a 24 oz diet soda in the a.m. to get me going. I take that same bottle and fill it twice in the a.m. with water, then 2 more times in the afternoon. That keeps me filled and I'm getting a lot of water in.

100 calorie snacks
Fiber One bars
Hershey Sticks - 1 pt (great little chocolate treat)

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

I always make sure I keep my pantry/fridge/freezer well stocked with WW friendly food.

Cookies are a HUGE weekness for me so I rarely buy them and I mean RARELY.

I've learned if I don't buy it then I can't eat it.

I just recently started planning my day's points out the night before. Sometimes I change my menu, but at least I have an idea of what I am doing for the day. Before I was just going about the day and then before I knew it I'd have few points left for dinner and my evening snack.

I also try to keep a Kashi granola bar or a fiber one bar in my purse so if I am out and about and need a snack then I have one.

Hot air popped popcorn is a lifesaver for me 'cause the jolly time brand is only 1 pt for 5 cups popped and then I just use a little butter spray on it. It's a lot lower in salt and artificial ingredients than the microwave stuff.

Of course these also help me to stay OP, my reflection in the mirror, the way my clothes fit, and the number on the scale!

Re: Poll- Post one idea to help stay OP - can be simple or not

Cookies and other baked goods are also a huge weakness for me. In college I was known as the cookie monster.

So I too have to watch the cookies!
Tammy we are twins again!:)

Any way I stock WW friendly and healty foods too!