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On Program today Tues 5/1

I do plan on staying on program again today..

I have the scale this morning, so we shall see what my week was like last week....

I had a very lite food day yesterday, no salt, or sugar. and a lot of water and green tea.

Re: On Program today Tues 5/1

good mornin'!

i'm right behind ya being OP today!
i've journaled my day, ready to drink my green tea & water the rest of the day!
i'm off to the gym after work....
and i hope to have a great wi tomorrow night!

Re: On Program today Tues 5/1

I'm OP too. I have my weigh in tomorrow. So far my scale says I'm down 3 pounds this week, but I'm not expecting that tomorrow even if my scale still says that tomorrow. For some reason I always seem to weigh more on Wednesday than I do on Tuesday. Go figure! Maybe I should change my weigh day to Tuesday. LOL!

Re: On Program today Tues 5/1

yup Aimee change it to Tuesday..
IN fact I mentioned your site this morning in my meeting, so I'm expecting a few ladies to come on over to check it out.
They were in conversation about WW cookbooks,I butted in and told them don't waste their money, hop in and buy Aimee's.. THey're easier, better and cheaper..

WHats my cut Aimee????? haha I'm only kidding.

THe more on this site the merrier right? I thought you would agree..

Have a good wash at P&G TOday,,.

Re: On Program today Tues 5/1

On program today the best I can do! I overate (portion size) salmon last night! But am eating the right foods, just the wrong sizes! :(

Jean Cat

Re: On Program today Tues 5/1

Almost the same as yesterday minus the TJ Greek reduced salad, with Italian Turkey. But I did have a turkey burger with mushroom gravy sandwich, with Ezekiel tortilla used as a wrap for lunch with tomato) and CranBlue Mango Muffin (for breakfast) with banana.

I will have salmon again tonight. Yum! With a TJ Salsa that has pineapple!