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What time is it??

You guess it! It's move it to lose it time! I hope you all have fun shaking your groove thing today! LOL! Get up and move move move!
I'm taking my kiddos to school and then off to the gym I go! I have to do it right away in the morning otherwise I will procrastinate and not get it done.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Re: What time is it??

I got off to a great start already today!! I walked this morning for 45 minutes and will take a bike ride after Mitch gets on the school bus.

I stayed OP yesterday. I actually was under points by 2 and didn't eat any AP's that I earned.

I sure feel better today about staying OP!


Re: What time is it??

Woo hoo! I really like this thread Tammy!

Today: up at 530 am (finally it's not dark anymore)15 minutes stretching/yoga poses; 15 minutes resistance training (glutes); 20 min cardio session (hate cardio so I'm a machine jumper): 6 mins bike, 7 mins ellipital, 7 mins treadmill, then walked about a mile on my way to work because it's such an awesome day out!

Re: What time is it??

I did my walk in the park for 45mins after dropping my kids in school.

Re: What time is it??

I went to weigh in this morning at WW then I took me a walk in the parking lot of the supermarket, I needed to shop. parked my SUV at the farthest spot from the store and walked it brisk.
came out of the store and ran with the carriage back to the car..

pooped out.... LOL

Re: What time is it??

Tammy, what gym do you belong to? I have a membership to Ladies Premiere Fitness but haven't been in awhile. I keep saying I'm going to go back, but I think I need to lose a few more pounds first so I don't have to be wheeled out of the place. LOL!

Re: What time is it??

I just got back from a 12 mile bike ride. It is absolutely gorgeous over here in NE ohio!! temps in the low 70's and a mild breeze. I feel so invigorated. Too bad it is going to rain by late afternoon.


Re: What time is it??

Yay to everyone that has moved or is moving!!! As I said yesterday, the day is not over so if you haven't moved yet get up and do it! If it is nice where you are take a walk and view the changes that spring has given us, birds, flowers, trees, green grass.....even if for only 10 minutes. You'll love it, I promise!

I belong to the Greene County YMCA's. I go to the Xenia Y for the most part because it is closest to my house. I have heard of Premier and it sounds like a really nice place. You won't need to be wheeled out of there! Just go and take it slow. Post and let us know how it goes when you go back. You CAN DO IT!!!

Re: What time is it??

Still not in the groove to exercise!
I know I will have to start, but it is that first move that is getting to me.
But your discussion of it is helping me. I am thinking about doing it more often now.
That is a good thing!

The abdominal hernia is a big problem, but not for walking. But I work late nights (where I am at now on break).

I think when it gets warmer for those warm nights I will do it then.