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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm new to your message board, but not to WW. I think this is my 3rd time around, and I'm losing at a snail's pace because for me it's hard to stay focused and on track all the time. But, I keep telling myself that no matter how long it takes I'm sticking with it! With that said, I'm up a few lbs this week and kinda dissapointed in myself, but I've gotta pull my "big girl panties up" and move on. Step by step, day by day.

A little about myself, I'm 38 yrs old, Maryland resident, married and I have a 15 yr old son.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone, and sharing encouragement, motiviation, and tips to get us thru this journey together.

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Welcome Jennifer!!

these boards are GREAT!!

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These boards and the ww boards are like a meeting when you need one,
good luck,

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Welcome Jennifer

Here you'll get the encouragement and motivation to lose that unwanted poundage, (is that a word? haha)

I know what I'm trying to say and I bet everyone on WW'ers knows what I mean you do don't you. LOL..

Anyway, Again WElcome Jennifer...

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Thanks everyone!!!

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Welcome Jennifer! Glad to have you with us. Feel free to post anytime you like. Everyone is very friendly and supportive here. :)

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Hi Jennifer, I'm Sue. Nice to meetcha. I just started WW two weeks ago, and tonight is my second weigh-in. I felt pretty confident last Tuesday night, but this week, it's anyone's guess.

I pretty much keep this message board up on my computer all day long at work (I also do some work, too ) and then check in throughout the day. I've gotten a ton of great info from this site in the two weeks or so that I've been here.

Welcome to the board!


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Hi Sue! I'm sure you'll do great tonight on your 2nd weigh-in!!! I know these message boards are great for exchanging tips, encouragement and motivation.

Let us know how you do tomorrow!!

Welcome Jennifer! Re: Re: Newbie

Welcome Jennifer!

You will never be bored on this message board!
Looking forward to your input, sharing and wisdom!