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What what it that got you start this ww plan

For me it was a combination of things:
I was the heaviest I'd ever been and had gained 25 1bs since my 2 kids were born.
I felt unhealthy and over 40 you know its time to start looking after yourself before the damage is done.
I wanted to go to the beach and enjoy how I felt.
I felt like a thin girl but the mirror dident say that..lol..
My girlfriend kept bugging me to come with her to ww.
Its the only plan that had previously worked for me 21 years ago and I did lifetime then, I knew I had to do this one.
WW is sooo better than it was years ago and yes it still works. I have lost 27 1bs with probably 20 more to go and I feel great already.

Boca Raton Florida.
(Born in England came to the USA 25 years ago and was supersized..lol..the good living)

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

Lorraine I know exactly what your talking about. I was a WW'er over 30 yrs ago when the program was old and very boring and not flexible at all, tuna and more tuna that was the menu daily every day and oh those wonderful stringbeans uck!!!! I haven't touched one of them in years... my least most favorite thing...
WW today is so flexible with the two types we can do, core or flex..

I again hit goal, in fact I'm below it this time around, and I make sure I go to WW once a week
to be part of the group... Alone I can't do this, together we can, I say its a WE thingy...

Years ago when you hi lifetime you could only go once a month to weigh in, today you can go everyday if you choose, if you really need it.. its there for us.

Good luck and Welcome to the US of A and all the good food..... Americans are the fattest in the World, whats that tell us. good living or just gluttony.????? I know I'm a junk food junkie.

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

for me was a co-worker...she had restarted WW about 2 months before I did..and was doing GREAT.

this is my 2nd time doing WW..first time I lost 55 lbs..then had my daughter. So I know WW works. But I kept thinking I could do it on my own.. Then I saw a recent picture of myself..and OMG, you're right, we think we feel ok, then we look in the mirror! ugh.
Plus, I had yet another depressing shopping experience for clothes.

So no excuse this time..WW works, and I want to be in ONEDERLAND!!!

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

Great question! I had started Nutrisystem a couple of years ago and lost 10 pounds right away. But eating the same prepackaged foods got old pretty quickly. I wanted to be able to eat anywhere and not worry about it having to meet a specific guideline or take my prepackaged food with me. So I quit. Luckily I maintained that 10 pound loss.

Then I moved from Tennessee to California (again). Decided that it was time to continue the weight loss journey and to get further down into onderland. I was making too many return visits to twoderville!

Some of my friends from church joined WW and were attending meetings. They seemed to really enjoy it. They'd only been going for about 2 weeks when I decided to crash their meeting.

So far so good. I'm waffling now between staing with the points or trying core. But for now, I'm doing points.


Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

I decided to start after a culmination of events. I've always been athletic and until a couple years ago, I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted with just a pound or two weight gain here or there. In the past two years, I've noticed that my metabolism has dropped dramatically. I also got married and found that we both felt comfortable eating like hogs in front of eachother! We still do, but have found that just because we CAN, doesn't mean we HAVE TO and definitely doesn't mean it's healthy!!

At Christmas time, 6 of my family members weighed in for a "Weight Loss Challenge". We each paid $25 to enter. Whomever loses the greatest percentage of weight by our summer vacation (July 7th) gets $100, 2nd place gets $50. However, I really didn't get motivated until 9 weeks ago. I was on the verge of having to buy a bigger size work pant because my "fat pants" were skin tight. So, with each bigger size "fat pant" I had to buy, I got more and more frusturated. I'm pretty cheap, so having to buy new stuff because I couldn't control what I was eating really made me angry. So, I guess maybe anger and greed got me started!!

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

Great question! I didn't know anything about WW as far as what the plan was or how it worked. I have a friend, who at the time lived in MO and I lived in NC. She had said that she started the program and had been telling me how great it was and how easy it was and also how much weight she was losing. So that is the first that I had heard about the points plan. I knew someone many years ago that did the WW plan and all I can remember is she was always eating Tuna. Now I like tuna but not enough to eat it all of the time! So anyway, when my friend told me about it I decided I would find one in NC and give it a try. I decided that I would join and give it my all for one week and if at the end of the week I hadn't lost anything or thought it was too much then I would quit. Well, I think I lost like 5 pounds and so I continued on! That was my first time around and I lost over 40 lbs. Then we moved to OH and I got pregnant! So I basically started all over again, but this time I feel so much better about everything. I am almost to goal now and it is a great feeling to know that I can accomplish this! OH, and NO MORE BABIES for me!! LOL!!! this is my new way of life and will always be for me!

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

Oh, let's see, let me count the ways:

Not being able to see my toes in the shower.

Not being able to not turn red/blue when i bent over to tie my shoes.

Not being able to get up off the floor after i fell over from trying to tie my shoes.

Not having my belly, sit on my lap when i sat down.

Not being able to cross my legs for very long.

Not caring that the only thing i had to wear were sweat pants, they didnt have a zipper, they "hide" alot and they expanded. Plus the came in lots of colors and always a matching top.

Not caring that it was winter and i could hide under lots of clothes and inside my house.

Not caring that i had trouble turning in the bed,because my belly was so big.

Not caring that i had trouble getting up from the chair, as long as i could waddle to the kitchen for more to eat, it was ok.

Not caring that i could literally feel the fat,shaking on my butt and hips when i waddle to get that 3rd cookie along with a huge bowl of ice cream.


Realizing that life is short and i want to be able to care about ME!
Got a phone call from a friend saying," i joined WW." That was all i needed to hear, so i re-joined. 17.4 lbs and 7 weeks later, guess what, I do care.

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

My Dr. told me that I have the (silent killer) High Blood Pressure.

But the first time I went to WW was when I had just turned 18 about 9 yrs ago and stopped going to Jenny Craig after 1 week. It was no way I could spend that much money, No Way. So mom told me about WW from way back in the 70's and how good it was and how it had improved. It worked and is the only realistical lifestyle change in eating that I will ever try again. No salad and lemon juice, raw veggies. When I realized that I could still eat out I knew this was a great thing without being deprived.

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

I started weight watchers because I knew that people who were on it did well! I was sick of being fat and not caring about my appearance, and being told that I had let myself go..

I joined 13 weeks ago and have never looked back; ) I love it and hopefully, I will be at my goal weight by january 2008.

I have lost 25.75 lbs and need to lose 65 more.

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

I found out that I have diabetes. I started my cutting out the soft drinks and candybars and prob lost about 10lbs or so. Then a lady that worked with my mom and my cousin began asking me to join ww's. Sharon (the lady work's w/mom) had a coupon for 1/2 off so I joined.

Re: What what it that got you start this ww plan

For me it was getting tired of wearing the only pair of pants that fit me every week, week after week to church. Cause I wasn't buying new fat clothes-I had a closet full of thin clothes.(from when I did it three years ago). And my good friend is at 59 pounds loss (her second time around), but Weight Watcher's works if you work it! I checked out Herbal Magic, and it was going to cost me over $7oo.00 to go take a pill at the office every day. So here I am, back at the place that works.